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This is Caleb Klomparens (clom-PAIR-enz), the mad sonic scientist. [XY]

It's been ~14 years of play in the DAW for me, still growing, oh so slowly.

Working full-time at Highwire Games in game audio programming / development. I'm also making a unique MIDI animation tool called Harmony Ray (www.harmonyray.com)


#fawmtronica #electronic #synthpop #instrumental #chiptune #music #odd-time-signature #youtube #cinematic #orchestral #animation

Songs (2):

[avatar] 08 - Unreliable by @kable #fawmtronica #electronic #cinematic #synthpop 2
[avatar] 06 - Hexa by @kable #fawmtronica #electronic #cinematic #synthpop 2


Hey man! So excited to see you on, and thanks for the kind words:) There have been a lot going on lately, I'm sure there has been for you too, but I'm glad too see you hoppin on! We'll talk later on discord! Take care!:)


Yo!!! Great to see your name pop up! There's a lot of folks I haven't seen this 50/90 who's music I'm missing listening to, yours being one of them! My memory is too bad though to remember if I see certain peeps only during FAWM or only during 50/90, so some of them I just chalk it up to they usually do one or the other, not both.
Anyway, I've gushed enough over your tracks in the past so you KNOW I'm hoping you get a track or two up! lol
Hope all is well, man.