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JW Hanberry


I don't have any big plans for 5090 2022. Right now I'm more about developing existing material which takes me a long time and improving my mixing skills. I don't feel any need to generate a bunch of new stuff just to do it. If a prompt or challenge moves me, I may throw something together.

Anyway I'm currently out of town and won't be home until 7/17 so nothing serious is going to happen until then as I only have a bare bones old laptop on which to work. I will keep up on the forums and check out the skirmishes.

But hey, all y'all have a whole bunch of fun.

My full CV is at http://www.guitarslinger.com/bio.shtml

I have music on BandCamp:
from 2019: https://jwhanberry.bandcamp.com/album/fast-lane-hero
More recent: https://baldon.bandcamp.com/

I'm always open to constructive criticism so don't hold back.

Pronoun he/him


[avatar] Awheel by @jwhanberry #s081422a #skirmish 8
[avatar] Terminal by @jwhanberry #skirmish #soundscape #ss081322m 4
[avatar] Pessimum by @jwhanberry #ss081322l #electronic 6
[avatar] Happy Birthday Dad by @jwhanberry #ss081322j #skirmish #acoustic_one_take 6
[avatar] Where's Andy Devine? by @jwhanberry #ss082322e #electronic #skirmish 8
[avatar] Are We There Yet? by @jwhanberry #electronic #skirmish #ss081222c 8
[avatar] Phone: OFF by @jwhanberry #skirmish #ss081222b 4
[avatar] All Sorts of Problems by @jwhanberry #skirmish #s080722b 5
[avatar] Look At You Dancin' by @jwhanberry #s080422a #skirmish 9
[avatar] SlothScape by @jwhanberry #slothcore 4
[avatar] Happy Galaxy by @jwhanberry #electronic #s073122b 9
[avatar] Heartfelt by @jwhanberry #instrumental #iloveshortsongs #s073122a 8
[avatar] If Looks Could Kill by @jwhanberry #s07222 #skirmish 13
[avatar] I'm Sick by @jwhanberry 13
[avatar] It's Summer by @jwhanberry #skirmish #firstfruits #s071022 20


Thanks for the synthesizer info. I'm pretty sure Logic Pro has a DX-7 plugin, IIRC they're pretty common. I'll have to see if there are Mac versions of the other two. The Creepy Piano in particular has a fun sound.


I remember going to the Mammoth Caves about 35 years ago-- assuming that's relatively close to you?


We travelled through KY a few weeks ago, passing through Lexington- I thought of you but also realized I hadn't a clue where in the state you lived.


Hey JW, thanks for the note, BTW on your super skirmish slot, looks like you may copy/pasted my link as it still lists me as host 😀 and the world clock converter points to the 6pm EDT slot instead of 3pm. In case you don't know this, it is a simple fix for world clock converter to go to that link and change EDT to 3pm. That will change the link to your slots time, then copy/paste the changed link to your super skirmish listing. I'm looking forward to this weekend and hearing all the songs!


Thanks for listening! Yeah I also thought about these, but its even less possible due to my monitors and shelves. I had to unmount my lamp for the same reason. I have to get a bigger room first.