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Former musician a LONG time ago. Retired now and dabble.

Update for 2022: I'm still alive! "Heartbreak is my brand™"

Update for 2021: Had a successful 50/90 (my second one completed!), so FAWM should be a piece of cake, right? Hope to stretch my wings genre-wise, per usual. Looking forward to listening to the rest of you.

Update for 2020: Health problems, including NO VOICE so far (writing this on 2/6). I've written lyrics for 6 songs while I wait to recover, so I THINK I'll eventually get my usual 14 in. Stay tuned...

Update for 2019: I'll be putting out my 3rd album (pop) shortly after FAWM 2019 closes, and a 4th (country) album later this year. Going to try and do about half my usual "country" fare this time around and half R&B. FAWM has been life-changing! Good luck to all!

UPDATE FOR 2018!! I have an album out now--all proceeds go to KIVA.org to provide microloans for educating women in developing countries.


Between The First Smile And The Last Tear by @jerrypettit 10
So Are We Throwing In The Towel? by @jerrypettit 7
Forgotten Armchair by @jerrypettit 9
I'm Not Broken, I'm Just Cracked by @jerrypettit 14
I Wish That Things Were Different by @jerrypettit 8
That's What Makes The Jukebox Play by @jerrypettit 9
In The Time We Spent Together by @jerrypettit 7
Tea With Mrs. Rochester by @jerrypettit 10
I Thought She Was The One by @jerrypettit 7
Just Flip The Page In Your Little Black Book by @jerrypettit 5
How Does That Old Song Go? by @jerrypettit 16
Cocktail Time by @jerrypettit 9
Is My Heart Really Broken? by @jerrypettit 10
Pebbles At Your Window by @jerrypettit 9
I Picked The Wrong Door by @jerrypettit 14
Firefly, Can You See Me? by @jerrypettit 13
This Is A Song That I Wrote About You by @jerrypettit 8
Broken Vase by @jerrypettit 7
Just Going Through The Motions by @jerrypettit 9
I Like To Wake Up First by @jerrypettit 12
Life's An Ever-Changing River by @jerrypettit 7
It's Not Your Door by @jerrypettit 8
Colder Than My Beer by @jerrypettit #country 15
A Thing Of Broken Pieces by @jerrypettit 15

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on "Pop Star," Jerry. Fab that you thought it terrific!

As for your mention of you not ever having written fiction, as I have done, despite your desire for years to have done so? Be kind to yourself, Jerry. The very fact that you are/have been thinking about penning such material--for however long--is, in fact, writing. Before one puts pen to paper, so to say, one needs an idea, and to think it over, before one can start to write it.

As you said, perhaps after 50/90 this year you will try to write some fiction. Maybe to help you along, join a free online writing/reading platform like Wattpad. As a Wattpadder, you can then post writings/stories in various stages, chapter by chapter, or in one fell swoop. Others can then comment, offer suggestions, etc.--just as Fawmers can do here on your songs. On Wattpad you can also find numerous writing contest to take part in, as well as join groups with others who write what you do.

Whatever you decide, Jerry, know that even in hope and spirit and dream to write fiction that you are further along than you give yourself credit for at this time.

Jerry- you are not just brilliant at songwriting, singing, producing but also commenting. Thank you I appreciate your kind words.

Jerry, loved your Gladys Knight comment on Come Back! Thank you very much. It was very clever and flattering.

Thank you Jerry for your lovely comment on my collaboration with Mike. Sorry, it was the other way round :) I posted my music and invited to sing along. Mike liked the idea and he wrote his beautiful lyrics and created his gorgeous vocal melody.
The link to my music Mike also posted :) It's https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/2912

I think it might be a bit messier than 1 pint! But the invitation has and is always open! Even though the farm is now gone!

Thanks a lot for your comment on Beyond the Blue Clouds [orchestral version]! 😄 Nadia‘s compositions are truly amazing.

Thanks Jerry!! Hope you're having a good day. I'm working on a fun one with @elesimo's quirky beats!! I'll post soon. I have some fun collabs coming up too. It's been a crazy week at work and lots of back to school stuff for my girl. Music helps me manage the madness :) LOL


Thanks for the comment on 'We Might See Some Rain'!


Thanks for your most encouraging comments on Girl with a voice! Always enjoy interacting with you have a fantastic 5090


Thanks for your most encouraging comments on Girl with a voice! Always enjoy interacting with you have a fantastic 5090

I just move the difficult boring word away from the end


Thank you, Jerry 😊 My inner demon is a full blown metalhead. If I don't take care of it, it screams! I lacked of lyrics, so it just became... Stir Fry! And now I like it. I hope somebody will record real guitars, because there is no chance for me to learn and play this in the next 5 years.

Thank you for listening!


Thanks so much for your very kind comments on The Storm. You have made my day!


That's correct ..same title... it has been a challenge here in the past.. and someone mentioned that... and I thought it was one of the challenges now again...

The sitar is a danelectro baby sitar. it's part of my 60's reject guitar collection lol i also used my bass VI in the recording, so there are a lot of rejected sounds of the 60s in this track lol


Thx ...playing on Kate's song (Target) was always a treat.

Thank you so much Jerry!! To both of you :) I deeply appreciate your encouraging words the last two summers. Means a lot!


Thank you! People say you should learn an instrument as kid or teen. Not with twenty or thirty something because you won't be able to catch up on the 10-15 years lost. The quarterlife crises refers to the uncertainty if you learned the right thing, have the right job, partner, decision on family plans etc. Not so much about getting older, more about lacking of meaning or having the wrong goals.

Jerry, I appreciate your enthusiasm for Damn, Damn, Damn (A Love Song.) I can hear this with a female vocalist "with an attitude." 😀


Wow, thanks, Jerry re: "Normandy". I'm thrilled that you liked it. It was a pretty elaborate arrangement for me. I did rely on BIAB for bass, percussion and that smoking lead guitar break that carries on through til the end, but given my own limited chops, I was kind of proud of the other guitar parts which I actually played on an acoustic with a pickup through various GarageBand effects. Spent a lot of energy on the mix, too (this was done with another lyricist for a challenge this month on another website), but ultimately I had a lot of valuable mix help from a very talented FAWMer, @oswlek (who hasn't made an appearance yet this 50/90). Your encouragement is most appreciated, sir.


Thank you, I just played the guitars twice and recorded with phone. Added some eq and reverb. No big voodoo 😀


Thank you for the technical guidance, Jerry. I’m still learning production tricks that are probably kindergarten stuff to veterans like yourself. Your mixes are so impressive!

Yup Pluto has 5 Moons. Fyo a RAT was a distortion pedal made in Michigan, they then went on to other pedals.


Thank you, Jerry! I hope I can team up with people for a virtual band 😀

Jerry, Thanks for your positive comments on Memories Are Everywhere. Means a lot.

There are plenty of people dropped out in Laos, Thailand cambodia. It is interesting how many particularly vets! are in Vietnam. It is amazing the Vietnamese attitude to that time, there is no animosity whatsoever! I highly recomend both Vietnam and Cambodia and if you ever decide to go speak to me first!

Jerry, Thanks for the chuckles from Cranky Old Men. Jeff9 and I had fun with that one. Glad you liked it.


Thanks for the comment on 'On the Far Side of the Universe' - yes, love those BBC horns!


Thank you, Jerry! I was just ranting and telling the truth about my songwriting. I'm sick of explaining that I upload drafts for other people to record. No way I will record my final versions with my vocals and guitars. The only humourous part is, that I tried my best writing a 3 chord punk rock song and used 4 chords.


Hey, Jerry--thanks so much for the encouraging words about "Cranky Old Men". Patty wrote one that was almost painfully close to home, so it was pretty damn easy to sing.

Jerry, So glad you took the time to listen to But I Did( the 3rd version,) and to offer your tips on BIAB. I am a less-than-newbie in terms of production, but I definitely appreciate the talent and knowhow that goes into making a song sound just right. I'm afraid that will never be in my wheelhouse, but I am grateful to those I work with who know how to do it all.


Thanks for the comment on my collab with Simon!

thank you :)


Thanks a lot, I'm happy you enjoyed! Yes, John sent me some awesome lyrics and I was in the right mood to compose something about death and despair 😅

Hi Jerry, and thanks for your long and thoughtful comment on Nothing Special. In fact being forced to isolate by the pandemic was a welcome relief for me as I was struggling to face the world. It gave me the breathing space necessary to start the healing process.

Thank you for Lovely comments.
Haha If by fullt dressed you mean they carry a miniatyrer bikini 🤣 I think they might misstakes My Instagram account for a maleaccount since I have some en of THE bushcrafting and stuff en on it


Thanks for the comment on 'A Life of Unfulfilled Dreams'!

Jerry Thanks for the kudos on But I Did. I loved what she did with my lyric, and yes, I noticed those cool "wails" in the background and thought they were just perfect for the song. Thanks!

August has a bad rap but it’s usually cooler, the days are shorter, and the crowds are smaller, especially now that schools start so early. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for commenting on "Look Sharp" it was a blast seeing what Rich and David did with the lyrics.


Thanks for the comment on my first (ever) 50-90 song!

thanks for the shout out on Wild Carrick Shore - looking forward to listening to your work as well. cheers, Paul


Country. I like it. Living in TN...I hear a lot of it too. I enjoy hearing the real stuff, and this is the real stuff. There are a few more wandering round here that are close. Sent you a message on FB. Retired as well...David

Fingers crossed - not every couple gets it. But, yeah, even a mild case is not fun.

i wanted to be a preacher after seeing the movie elmer gantry when i was 12. i wound up playing a priest on stage three times on stage. when i was working at a borders in downtown seattle, i belonged to the ymca a few blocks away and swam half hour at lunch time.. in 1997 i weighed 170 pounds and got rid of it by swimmign 15 minutes every 2 hours. i lived in one of those housing courts that had a community swimming pool so it was easy to do.


Thanks for the comment on 'Lonely City'!

Thank you so much, Jerry, I appreciate your comment on my lyrics. So glad you like them. I sing for my vocal guides and occasionally I sum up my courage and sing but in all honesty what I hear in my head I don't seem to be able to produce with my limited vocals. Thank you so much for your encouragement, I appreciate it very, very much.


Thanks for the listen and comment on my collab with Geoff!

Lol on the laptop comment. If only I had one. No, I’ve been dragging my desktop computer all over the country! But, yes, I’ve been using computers since 1976…

Jerry, I see you also left a kind comment on Into The Well. That was the first time Florian and I had worked together, and it was so easy! What a pleasure...on a sad song! I liked that sax, too. Thank you.


Thanks for checking out my feeble, caucasian attempt at some R&B on "Wish It Was Me", Jerry. And for the kind words. Cheers.

Oh, I somehow missed your post on When Love Ends! I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm highly flattered by your comments. I loved how Adam interpreted the message. We clicked on that right off the bat, so that was fun. I will enjoy this song forever.

Jerry, Thanks for your comments on Small Dreams. I love that music era, too, and I think panch nailed it perfectly. Glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks for your kind words about Popemobile, Jerry! I like messing around with plug ins on my computer to make something soundscapey - it feels very theraputic...

Thanks Jerry, that's v kind. Yes, definitely go back and mine some of those old songs!!

Jerry, Thanks for the vote of confidence on But I Did. Sorry, you and I will both have to wait until Kate comes back from vacation. :)

thanks, yes i think MacGuffin was invented by a colleague of Hitchcock but definitely coined by him.

here is the closest i ever came to full on beach boys mode..altho its nothing like the boys. (first song i ever wrote, though, was a surfer song. back in 1966 when i lived in florida) https://billwhite.bandcamp.com/track/stages-away


Thank you so much, Jerry. "Old" is the thing I relate to best!

Jerry, You're making me laugh...in a good way! Thanks for taking a listen to the alternate version of I Hate Love. Glad you liked it, too. I thought it was so much fun so see my lyrics interpreted in two different styles.

And thank you for your moving words on Into The Well. Florian captured the feeling I was going for in the lyrics.

Thanks for the comment, Jerry! The backing vocals are just layers of me. I didn’t sneak a female vocalist in, I just have a very…. um, feminine high register I guess 😂


Hey, Jerry--thrilled that you took time to check out the other version of I Hate Love. I hoped it might be fun for folks to compare and contrast the two. Thanks so very much for your kind comments.

Thanks for the kind comments, Jerry! I save 10 second clips on my phone or GoPro of things that inspire me. I save them into an album that I edit later on in iMovie. I usually label them under a file as "art" or "nature" in case I need them later on for filler in videos. I just put a ton of "fleeting moments" together for my demo as it is more interesting than a blank screen for my demo! I appreciate you asking!

Thanks for commenting on Beyond Repair. Glad you liked it.

Thanks for commenting on fireflies. We both share a love for em' in common.
Love your tune too.

So glad you’re enjoying my songs this year, created especially for the FAWMERS of 50/90. And not only was that a goal for this year but also to use my music keyboard to play chord progressions for different virtual instruents. I appreciate you noticing.

Just saw that you also left a comment on "Broken." Thank you! I agree that David really outdid himself on this one! Thanks for listening!

Hi, Jerry, Glad you liked Jeff9's first version of our song, I Hate Love. Now that crazy man has posted an alternative version! I wonder if you have a preference?


Thanks for the comment on @sunfire 's Fireflies song - I thought those words were great, and it was lovely to try to put some music to them. I am a tinkerer and want to tinker more with it, but will have to put it to one side! Looking forward to hearing your Firefly song...


Thanks for you comments on my lyric. Wow, Iron Man is for those "super athletes" for sure! I'm in awe of them all! Geneva, NY is a lovely place. My brother got married there last year.


Jerry, you are too kind. Thanks for giving a listen to I Hate Love and for the nice comments. Looks like you're having a great run so far. I've heard lots of tasty nuggets.


Thanks for all your kind and thoughtful comments on my lyrics and also my collaboration with Mandolinda. I enjoy reading what you have to say :)

Hi, Jerry, Is there room in that new Georgie Fan Club of yours for me, too? I thought she did a great job of channeling the perfect country star for Baby, What About Me. Both Joey McMichael (who provided the music bed) and I are so happy with the result.


Hey man, just jump on in with the samples. Don't worry about it sounding bad or not quite what you had in mind, play around and have fun. If things don't turn out how you envisioned just consider it a learning exercise and try again. I have found I've gotten a lot of my best work from just not giving a **** and throwing things at the wall, I've also gotten some pretty big messes that way but I learned from those.

Thanks for commenting on, Train of Life. Glad you liked it!


Jerry i am glad you liked He Died in Nara...so sad!

Jerry, thanks pard, for reviewing "Sweet Betsy From Pike".

Thanks Jer! Roddy did good, eh?

@sbs2018 Thought I'd share this poignant blog post with you two today considering Jerry just wrote such a thoughtful song about the ever-changing river of life! Coffee cheers to a creative a productive Wednesday!


Thanks, Jerry, for your very kind words about "Clock Into Our Life".


Thanks for your awesome comments on It Wasn't Me. I have house of 4 boys (young men) and it isn't too far off the truth for me too -lol. Song is in the works 😉

Jerry, thanks for reviewing Me Against This Lonesome Trail.

Thanks! We mostly communicate through email. Gm7 uses wesendit to send his tracks I just use google drive. I know cts and I both use studio one to record. Any questions you might have, feel free to ask!

Thanks for the link to that video. Ah, takes me back to my youth - a very exciting time and place! In my adult years in the San Francisco Bay Area (pre-Silicon Valley), I worked in the same building as Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, which recorded a lot of big names. I wrote about it in my blog post - https://screamiebirds.com/2022/06/02/fantasy-studios-a-piece-of-my-berkeley-days-music-producer/.

thanks for your comment on view from the bridge. i didnt see those NASA pictures. the moon bit was inspired by the fact that today is my fathers birthday and he worked on the apollo mission as an engineer. and the colors of space part was inspired by a passage i recently read that referred to the three colours of the greeks. your songs are certainly becoming more poetic. amd getting better all the time.

“ I won't say that this is my all-time favorite song of 50/90 so far, but it is certainly...Number Two!”

I see what you did there! 😀

I did write this on your request . I saw your comment and thought ok let's do a trippy beatles thing right now. It went very trippy but other than the requested instruments isn't very Beatles. But was fun.

Ha, yeah I hope to get to a few things but I haven’t installed HVAC in my studio yet (I have to finish the bigger room first) so it gets pretty hot up there for now. Some cool days and good timing will hopefully happen soon. Until then, I will enjoy your songs!!


Thanks Jerry, I'm really happy you enjoyed Stay Happy! And the gratuitous arpeggios!

Thanks Jerry! Nadia's piano is very inspiring. I'm so glad you enjoyed our collab.


Hey thanks Jerry!

I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere (bagpipes) - lol!


Thanks for the kind words about Mellow Gold Jerry - and in answer to a previous question, yes, that is absolutely Dall-E mini, I'm slightly addicted. I like the grainy, dream logic aesthetic. Have you seen what the totally unrelated Dall-e-2 can do by the way? It is completely breathtaking.

Thanks for the encouragement on “Walkin’ My Cat” - I almost forgot the name of my song here cuz I was busy thinking about “Ne Me Quitte Pas” - not a clear reference to a song about a cat - lol!

always spain, never portugal. but Basque is the language of the place we will probably be living in (san sebastiane) although a good percentage of the people also speak english and spanish,

Thanks Jer. I guess I'd probably speak the bridge.

Jerry, I just watched that YouTube video on Charles Starkweather and Carol Ann Fugate and the movie Badlands. Wow! I'd never heard or them or the movie, but it's quite something. I guess Bonnie & Clyde were like that, too. Thanks for your comments and for the link.

enjoying your stuff! Funny, this has been my 'summer of Richard'- I saw the public theater's shakespeare-in-the -park production of 'richard III' last weekend, and two weeks before that, saw a local small theater company (Hudson classical ) do "richard ii" !

Hmmm I wonder why?

Hi Jerry! It's an honor to be called "Cake" please tell your little granddaughter that :) Thanks for the encouragement Jerry! I'm slowly finishing up two new ones to post very soon. I hope you'll enjoy! Have a beautiful summer season of songwriting!!


Thanks for checking out both my lyrics. Your very nice comments are truly appreciated. I totally get that you prefer to make songs with your own lyrics. If all works out, @richaaaay will be making this one a song.

Going to take a listen to your tunes now :)


Thanks for your thoughtful comments on Another Side To Me.
Hope you have a fun 50/90! I look forward to hearing your songs.

Thanks for the joy on "Nasty Lies." I've learned there's a fine art to using loops - I've gotten much better at it. Oh boy, those early days - lol! But I've also learned to mix them in with programming my own beats and actually playing my midi keyboard for different sounds such as bass or guitar, an actual piano, organ, synth etc. Really brings me pleasure when I can do that. Pretty much every song has my own playing mixed in. And isn't that the fun of FAWM/50/90 - such a great opportunity to keep pushing the music forward.

Yes, it's a TV show. Even for the History Channel, it's dire. So no, you should not be watching it; you'll only encourage them. :-D

Thanks. I did see a lot of those couples with signs on Twitter and it sparked this idea.

My Look Alike Babies song is about the response to overturning Roe.

Hi Jerry! Can’t wait to hear your first song!