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Jen Distad

I am a member of @thefaithfulsidekicks
I am married to Founding FAWMer @ericdistad
I also help process the Donations/Merch.

For those who come here to reciprocate on song comments, please pay it forward instead. (= Thanks!


By the way, The Faithful Sidekicks latest album is full of geeky ads for fictional products: Sales of Interest (= Check it out here: https://thefaithfulsidekicks.bandcamp.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Em9_uhnZG5G_vuY0NITHg


Thank you, thank you, for the hosting email. Appreciate your extra work!


Hi, I just now looked through all my emails from FAWM, and it looks like I said NO for file hosting. Can you change that? I'm assuming that would let me upload collab projects from my computer? Thanks.


i solved the problrm of playing embedded songs. it was entirely a glitch in my own system, nothing to do with the site,


Thanks for the quick update on hosting yes/no!


so far, the only song in file hosting i have been able to play is the one by metalfoot


Hey, thank you for everything that you folks do!!
(BTW, I forgot to check "Yes" under "File Hosting" on my donation and am not sure of the appropriate channels to rectify this!!)


Hey Jen, thanks for all that you do here!