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jacob everett wallace

I'm Jacob.

I wandered into the madness known as 50/90...what have I gotten myself into? 2022 has been a trip. I tore 4 ligaments in my knee in January which allowed me more time to participate in FAWM. I hit 14 songs for the first time in years and focused on a minimalist approach to gear and instruments while pushing myself into new genres and musical territory. I had a blast despite the painful circumstances. 7 months later I have gained some physical strength and I'm working on several new business ventures.

I have no idea what this 50/90 may bring, but after randomly getting a melody in my head I decided to dip my toe back into the summer madness.

My 50/90 project will be titled The Sunshine Tapes and my goal is about 10 songs and lots of collaborations.


01. Sunshine
02. Marco Polo (with @crisp1)

If you're down to #collab I am open to any genre or participation. I can do lyrics, writing, vocals, instruments, recording, etc. Feel free to reach out on the soundboard or via email.

Happy FiftyNinetying!

Songs (4):

[avatar] Hey NSA! by @jacobeverettwallace #needs_collab #lyrics_only #collaborations_welcome 2
[avatar] Hazy Orange Moon by @jacobeverettwallace #needs_collab #skirmish #summermoon #ss081322g 8
[avatar] [avatar] Marco Polo by @jacobeverettwallace + @crisp1 #collaboration #rock #indie_rock #collab 7
[avatar] Sunshine by @jacobeverettwallace #synthpop #rock #indie_rock #indie_pop 6


Thank you so much for your lovely comment on 'I Want to Go Back'. Much appreciated.


Hi Jacob, I sent you my messages. I hope you are well and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you Jacob, will send you my email shortly. If you don't see it though please kindly check your spam folder. Thank you.


Thanks for offering to host one of the superskirmishes this weekend! I've got you down for "G" - thx again.


Good to see you here!! (Not that *I* have been here much, but, you know) - Perhaps I'll come up with something to throw towards you. Who knows. 😀


Would love a collab again Jacob! Send me an email at hannah at hannahbusse.com and we can get something rolling.


Glad you made it here, Jacob! I had a thought in my mind to do something summery as well, so if you can wait a few days, I'll see what I can come up with to send your way.


Hi Jacob, thanks for your very kind comment on Almost You. Fingers crossed for some new material from you soon 🤞🏻 I saw a great quote recently (from a non-musician) - 'musicians are the magicians of this world' :)
Let me know if you would like to give #collab a go any time