Juha Keranen

Aka: IA and Juha
Pronouns: usually he/his but use whatever you want.
The idea this year was to do a bunch of collabs with @tcelliott. We'll see how it goes.

Songs (3):

[avatar] Strangers by @ianuarius #acoustic #blues #rockabilly 8
[avatar] [avatar] Sathanas: A Love Song by @ianuarius + @tcelliott #doom #lovesong #metal #rock 9
[avatar] [avatar] Drawing The Line by @ianuarius + @tcelliott #bass #collaboration #rock 9


Found it! I had to scroll up on the calendar because in my time zone, it's early in the morning.


That’s what I thought! At first I was like, “MAN, that voice is giving me chills,” but then I was like, “wait a minute, that sounds like a cleaner guitar,” haha.


hei, kultaseni! glad to be here in our new fawmily home with you. let's be cool for the summer, woooo!


I hope you have a great summer!!