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Pat Highmountain

Straddled a horse. Men died. Riding.

Well, this grand piano illustration's a hell of a sabotage against any cowboy identity! Any ideas of how to move it along on a horse? Anybody knowing an Apache piano tuner?

Bored of words, hungry for pure music, see my @farmyardorchestra

Songs (4):

[avatar] Ghost Town. A Travelogue by @highmountain 1
[avatar] Unbribeable Avenger by @highmountain ZONG
[avatar] Heartbreaker by @highmountain 2
[avatar] Dance in the Tall Tree by @highmountain #firstfruits 1


Lol. I hope you got a bulletproof vest and a colt!


Thanks for your clarification. Maybe I don't get the details because I'm not a native speaker. Or my very dark sense of humour kicks in 🙈 But honestly I didn't think of a hanging.


Greetings from the farmland!