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Pronouns - she/her

I'm Helen. I make #noisy #punk as well as some more #folky stuff. I am also starting my journey getting into sync licensing, for which I almost exclusively do #instrumental stuff, and love doing weird #sound_design.

I don't need people to thank me for song comments or even reciprocate. I go with a pay-it-forward kind of thing.

I do love to collaborate. That said, over the past few years, I've found myself getting overwhelmed as FAWM/5090 goes on, so am trying to be a bit more careful what I agree to do, in order to avoid letting people down. This year, I'll have even less time than usual. That said, if you want to collaborate, please do ask, but please don't be offended if I decline.

This 50/90 is part of my own personal challenge to create 100 "useable" musical things in 2022. I'm well behind, so need to make 38 of my 50 count. Useable means either something that I might perform either solo or with one of my bands, or something that I might get placed in a production music library. If something is locked down to private, it will be because it's gotten signed to an exclusive library and I am not really allowed have it elsewhere on the internet.

I'm in 2 all-fawmer bands with @expendablefriend, @stewartscissor and @orinoco.


[avatar] Rising Oceans by @helenseviltwin #instrumental #underscore 2
[avatar] Getaway Driver by @helenseviltwin #instrumental #sound_design 8
[avatar] Cobble Road by @helenseviltwin #underscore #acoustic #instrumental #folky 9
[avatar] Juicy Gossip (instrumental) by @helenseviltwin #instrumental #pop 8
[avatar] Thin Ice by @helenseviltwin #punk #noisy 13
[avatar] Telling Tales (instrumental) by @helenseviltwin #classical #instrumental #string_quartet #documentary 10


I've missed you.


revered (for your third rhyme?)


Haha, you're right! I used a 4th chord but shhhh! Nah, just kidding, there is so much more complexity in punk music, when you look at the right spots. Break the rules!


Thank you for checking out my songs, Helen! Your comments mean a lot to me! And thanks for mentioning Helen Love — they were a new one to me, and of course I love them


Thanks, H!
I love my new bass. I never knew that playing bass could be so easy or so much fun 😁


Thank you for letting me know about the missing links.


thanks for your vote of confidence in my lead guitar playing Helen!! I will endeavour to try to keep it up over the course of these months!


Thank you for the kind words on "Infinite Break"!


Let's do this!