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[avatar] For You by @halfwayhome #toe-tapping #wrong-key #jazzy 6
[avatar] What is Gone by @halfwayhome #endless-coda #dreampop 9


Andy, even in those busy seasons we songwriters are collecting inspiration to weave into songs during our “writing season” stages…looking forward to hearing your work in February!! Quality always beats out quantity. Hope you & yours have a lovely holiday season. Thank you for the support as well!


Just that I'd pass along that I'm listening to "Memories" now on Bandcamp. You are incredible, glad to have stumbled across your music.


o and never let the truth get in the way of a good story lol


lol i just read in the liner notes that it was salvaged from your brother's roof and i was like, "whoa....cool...what does that mean!?" and my imagination got the better of me lol