I've been writing, performing, recording and releasing songs and music since my teens. I write some songs by myself but I also like to collaborate.
I have a small home studio where I do what I do and I am usually there for at least a part of most days.
My background is primarily in Country, Rockabilly and Folk but not exclusively so.
I appreciate any comments or suggestions on my posts and I hope to contribute constructively to what other people post.
I think the most important part of creating music is to have fun while you're doing it and not to get too hung up about it because with any luck, there'll be another song along soon!
Have a great 50/90 2022 everyone!


When I Had It All by @gwynjones + @andrea #nostalgiclament 8
How Long is a Piece of String by @gwynjones + @jibbidy34 #romantic #guitarandvocals 10
Losing The Will To Love by @jibbidy34 + @gwynjones #lyrics #electropop #song #mix 14
In the Irish Bars of London by @gwynjones + @billwhite51 #celticcollab #reel 14
Hot and Bothered by @jibbidy34 + @gwynjones #drill #chilltrap 17
Step Back Sunak! Leave Us Truss! by @gwynjones #politicalpasodoble #keirkazookollective 6
Working All The Time by @gwynjones + @nancycunning #americanafeel #honesttogoodness 12
Another Trip Around the Sun by @gwynjones + @jibbidy34 #message #birthday #detroit #beat 12
Pull You from the Wreckage by @gwynjones + @jibbidy34 #personalrescueservice 11
Winds of Change by @gwynjones + @cindyrella #wingsofhope 13
Whirlin' Eddie by @gwynjones + @jibbidy34 #rockabilly #boptasticlyrics 12
Son of a Witch by @gwynjones + @jibbidy34 #jazzypoporpoppyjazz 13
The Truth Lies Somewhere In The Middle by @jibbidy34 + @gwynjones #trap #rap #collab 15
The Wild Carrick Shore by @gwynjones + @paulmilne #folk_rock 10
Someone Needs To Be There by @gwynjones + @kahlo2013 #intergenerational #keepingthefaith 11
Many Cuts of the Clay by @gwynjones + @lyricslinger #folksyfoxtrot 11
The Wind Carries Our Secrets by @gwynjones + @billwhite51 #billwhitecover 9
You Smashed It by @jibbidy34 + @gwynjones #artist_favourite #piano_house 26
Them's the Breaks by @gwynjones #todayseventsintheuk 7
Non Stop Party Drop by @jibbidy34 + @gwynjones #nu_disco #artist_favourite 15
Where the Lonesome Cowboys Ride by @gwynjones + @kingwoodkowboy #western 10
Wash Your Mouth Out by @jibbidy34 + @gwynjones #electro_pop 21
I Gotta Do the Write Thing by @gwynjones #fawm 11
The Grass is Greener Where You Water It by @gwynjones + @jibbidy34 #cooperandjones 22

Thank you for your kind comment, Gwyn!! So appreciated!๐ŸŽถ


Thank you!


Yes, I approve. It's awesome!! I am on my way to a BBQ. I would love if you would post. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€


Wow, this is a nice way to start my day! Thanks so much! Please use my full name on SC; Andrea Brennan

Thanks Gwyn!


Thanks for your comments on When I Had it All. I truly appreciate it. I have some lyrics I would like to collaborate on if you have time. I posted them in FAWM (Full Throttle Ahead). I had a couple takers, but nothing had panned out. I love your music and I think you would be a great fit. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks :)

Thank you for listening!

Nope! Ms Rice wasn't anywhere to be heard! The female choir is singing "Rejoice!" in Ukrainian (Raduisya!)

Thanks for your comments on my 'When the cats are on the prowl' lyrics. Very encouraging to hear. I had great fun writing it

she does sound like my daughter estrella on that first verse. i wonder if its coincidental or on purpose.

Thanks Gwyn!

I'm so happy with how Working All the Time turned out. If you ever find you're in the market for another set of lyrics, I'd love to apply. I can always send you three possibilities and see if any of them move you.

Thanks for your kind words!

Gwen, So glad you liked Kate's and my collab on But I Did. I was blown away by her treatment of the lyrics. What a great experience for a writer. Thank you!

Wow. I love your rendition of "Working All The Time" so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let's create a new song artifact, rather than replace the recording in the old one to limit confusion. Do you want to add the new song, and I'll add the lyrics? If not, I'll create it.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Canโ€™t wait to hear what you make of Working All the Time. Let me know if you need anything.


Appreciate the kind words about "Cranky Old Men". Gotta laugh to keep from cryin' sometimes.


Thanks a lot for listening and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed ๐Ÿ˜€

thanks for the kind comment on "Look Sharp!"

Thanks for all your great comments!

Hi Gwyn, thanks for your comment on Nothing Special, it means a lot. It's been a slow start for me but there is more on the way.


Thanks for your kind words ๐Ÿ˜Š Using MIDI ist just a workaround for songwriting. I don't feel well producing final versions with fake instruments. Unfortunately I'm not a good instrumentalist which is why I collab a lot. If I don't find people, these drafts will never be final.

Gwyn, Thank you for your comments on Memories are Everywhere. I appreciate your taking the time.

haha thanks Gwyn :)

Thanks for your comment Gwyn on Goodnight Mumma., I must say you are cracking along this 50/90.

Thanks Gwyn. I'm glad he is too. :)

Thank you for your kind comment in the Lyrics to My son

Hi, Gwyn, I was so happy to see your comments on Broken. Thank you! I agree that David really nailed it. I don't think he knows how to do something half-heartedly! And look at YOU with all your great songs! What a powerhouse!

Roddy did good huh? Thanks for listening


Hi, Gwyn, and thanks so much for the comments on I'm Not Sick. That lyric is heartbreaking but irresistible not to sing.


Thanks for your comment! Plot twist: Every guitar you hear on that song is my nylon acoustic. I don't own an electric yet.

Okay. Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for your comments on. Same Movie, Different War. Yes, that lyric hit me like a brick. And I am sad. I can make quilts to give to the refugees coming to our community, a token gesture.

Hey, I wrote this duet. Wondered if you and Georgie might be able to do it?

@gwyn, Thanks for your comments on our 3-way collab: Baby, What About Me. I can always count on Georgie to get to the heart of a lyric, and JoeyMcMichael's backing track gave her a nice platform to show off that country side of her. Looks like you have an impressive start on 5090 so far! When do you have time to eat and sleep? :)

Great! TY

Hey there. Wondered about this?

Thanks Gwyn!

Thank you, Gwyn, for your comments on Into The Well. You sure have a lot of great songs on your pageโ€ฆ.Iโ€™m not surprised at all! :)

Hi Gwyn,
Thanks for sending me a link to Many Cuts Of The Clay. It sounds wonderful, perfect. :) Thanks!

Yes, please! I would love that!

Thanks for your comments on Many Cuts Of The Clay. I would be delighted for you to work with it!

hi gwyn. i answered your rmail


Thx for kind words on "Wish I could Say'.. You are burning it up this 5090 man...and G!...she is awesome!

Thanks, Gwyn, for your comments on Broken. I admire your work, so your praise means a lot!

Thanks Gwyn! A McCartney comparison always makes my day ๐Ÿ˜€ hope you continue to have a fine 50/90โ€ฆ

thanks for your comment on the wind carries our secrets. if what you say is true, you should record it and make it a hit.

Thanks for l your wonderful comments!

Hi David, good to see you here! I've not out anything up yet, but hoping to, maybe we can collaborate again. Have a good 5090!

David, please do - post your recording of "Where The Lonesome Cowboys Ride". I'm sure all will enjoy the listen.

David, ref "Where The Lonesome Cowboys Ride".. You really came across with that "high-lonesome" cowboy sound. I like it & thanks for recording it....Larry

Hey, Gwyn...Nice to see you back here. Thanks for the comment on I Hate Love.I hope we can do some songs together again this time around.

Ref "Where The Lonesome Cowboys Ride", have at it Gwyn. You may copyright your composition and market it any way you wish. Please add Larry W Jones as the lyrics writer. Thanks.

thanks for yout comments gwyn. i always take them to heart.

"My background is primarily in Country, Rockabilly and Folk" My kinda stuff too. Happy 50/90!