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Please feel free to critique, as it helps me to learn.

50/90 has not been something that I've done, but FAWM definitely has been. I think that for 2022 I will do some challenges and maybe a few originals, but summertime is definitely a time for me to be outside, not in. Also, my studio is perfectly usable but I have not put in the climate control system yet and the temperature can get really hot in there. So, we will see what I do. Definitely the 4 track cassette challenge and probably the video challenge.... This will be an opportunity to try some new things or focus in on something that I want to get better at, so we shall see.

I play what sounds good to me. FAWM is fun because I have complete control, for better or for worse. My goals this year are to improve on my mic choice and placement, mixing/eq-ing, and hopefully encourage as many of the people around me to be a part of FAWM to any degree, including my wife and two sons, if possible. I also would enjoy collaborating again with my brother, @zecoop (thank you for getting me into this), as well as others who are interested. Writing another children's song with my boys is another goal; I did manage to reach that goal the last several years and I just love doing it. In terms of songwriting, I would like to start with basics and build from there. I tend to be very chordy and would like to give my songs some more space for layering of sounds and texture.

I truly admire the creativity in others and am energized when I am fortunate to have a spark myself, too. I also do appreciate collaborations and will do whatever I have time for.
*A note about collabs: If someone wants to collab on a song that I've posted, I am fine with that and will post it separately. I also am fine with multiple people doing the same song, as I find it fascinating to see how different people do very different things with the same music. My wife always gets the first choices on songs, of course.


Cliche ( Same old love song) by @gm7 + 3 others 16

I appreciate your input on my songs. Hoping to hear some stuff by you soon!

Hey Rob, enjoy your summer and I hope that 5090 is part of it!


Surprise! Hello to you! :)


Hi Rob nice to see you’ve popped in, hope you’ll find time for a couple of tunes during 50/90. Probably be a low key affair for myself, I plan to join some corpses and do a few challenge and see what happens.

Good to see you around these parts! Thanks for the love! Out of three pawn shops the only mic I found was a Blue ‘spark’ which isn’t ideal, but it works. The interface is an SSL 2 and the guitar is an old falling apart “regal”.

Everything else is built in logic instruments! I’d love to take a crack at it with real drums and bass.