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Experienced lyricist, habitual writer during work hours,

I want to write a musical and a book (already started on the book but lyrics keep getting in the way)


DO YOU THINK OF ME OFTEN (OR NEVER NO MORE) by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
I CAN'T TAKE GOODBYES by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 2
You Can’t Hide Nothing From The Man by @tuneslayer + @geoff61 #collaboration #band_in_a_box #gospel 4
I’M NOT ANGRY (RUNAWAY TRAIN) by @geoff61 #random_collaboration 1
YOU CAN'T HIDE NOTHING FROM THE MAN by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 2
YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 3
Ride That Bronco by @cheslain + @geoff61 #bass #acoustic_guitar #electric_guitar #djembe 7
THE COLDER THAT IT GETS THE MORE I SWEAT by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
BABY I HEAR YOU by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only #goodnight 1
RIDE THAT BRONCO by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 2
THE WORLD WAS PERFECT ONCE by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 2
TAKE YOUR MASK OFF by @geoff61 #random_collaboration 1
NOPE YOU CAN'T TRUST ME by @geoff61 1
Whispers by @katestantonsings + @geoff61 #indie #piano #collab #synths 21
SKIRT THIS PLACE by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
I HATE PERFECTION by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 2
Cry a While and Then It's Done by @hbusse + @geoff61 #celtic #folk #acapella #collab 7
LITTLE YOU by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 3
DREAMS ARE SHIT (BUT I’M HAPPY TO SLEEP) by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 3
WHISPERS by @geoff61 3
Goodnight Mumma by @metalfoot + @geoff61 #random 11
I Just Can’t Figure by @mikeb + @geoff61 11
IT'S OVER by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
VIVIENNE PLEASE HEAR THIS SONG (AND MOVE ALONG). by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
IT’S THE HOPE THAT ALWAYS KILLS YOU by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
I JUST CAN’T FIGURE by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
WORK IN PROGRESS by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 1
I'm Junk by @steviej + @geoff61 #rap #collab 7
IT'S LIKE I'M BORN AGAIN by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 2
I'M JUNK by @geoff61 #needs_collab #lyrics_only 2
BEAUTY'S CHASING RAINBOWS by @geoff61 #needs_collab 1
CRY A WHILE AND THEN IT'S DONE by @geoff61 #lyrics #needs_collab 2
OOOH SHE'S A BEAUTY (BUT NOT FOR YOU) by @geoff61 #lyrics #needs_vocals #needs_music 1
TOXIC LOVE by @geoff61 #lyrics #needs_vocals #needs_music 1
MR SHINY AND NEW by @geoff61 #lyrics #needs_vocals #needs_music 3
IT ALL COMES TO THIS by @geoff61 #needs_vocals #needs_music 2
SIERRA NEVADA (GOLDEN SNOW) by @geoff61 #needs_collab 2
GOODNIGHT MUMMA by @geoff61 #needs 1
LIVING WITH WOLVES by @geoff61 #movietitlechallenge 2
SCARS by @geoff61 2
TRY A LITTLE HARDER by @geoff61 2
THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID by @geoff61 1
My Perfect Friend by @hbusse + @geoff61 #girl_with_piano #folk #piano #poetry 18
I'LL TELL BABY by @geoff61 2
YEAH I CAN SEE THAT by @geoff61 4


Merci, Geoff, for the like on One More Empty Seat and for letting me take a swing at your lyric. I've got a rough sketch for it that I'll tidy up a bit tomorrow.


Thanks for the lyrics! It will take a while before I start. Need a break this weekend and next week will be tough. But you're the first to receive a draft!


Hey! The demo for Take Your Mask Off is done. You can find it here:


Also, some liner notes from me if you could add them to the track (and me as collaborator). 😀


cblack says: I got paired with geoff61 for the random collab, and he sent me these lyrics. At first, I didn't connect with them. But after a couple of days, I suddenly realised what was missing. A personal focal point! So these lyrics became, for me anyway, about my first ever girlfriend, who treated me badly and cheated on me, and so on. But once I had the focal point, the vocals came pretty easy, and I really like them.

I wanted to add drums, and tried to, but failed. In the end, I wound up adding an echoing bass sound at the start of each line, and it just... worked, somehow. It was ominous, which fit the lyrics well. Then tried adding some strings with my keyboard and... failed again. It just wasn't sounding right. I left it for another few days, and then just now, I tried adding a constant synth line through the entire song. It wasn't strings, but damn it, it worked!

So this song is very bare-bones. Vocals, a single bass sound, a single (very long) synth sound. But I like it. It seems coherent somehow. Hopefully Geoff will like it, too. :) I like it.

Nearly everything in this has EQ and reverb, with some delay on the bass, and a compressor on the master channel. Simple, but delicious

Absolutely, I'll get that MP3 out to you ASAP.

Thank you for listening!


All chill, take your time! I just read a few, cause I've been curious what kind of lyrics you write. Feel free to write whatever! I'm a super eclectic composer, I just pick the style i hear in my head (Ok maybe not children songs!). I'm not a vocalist, but I do drafts and phrasings. When some good stuff happens, I think about who could pull that off. It's enough fun to compose something with a given lyric, cause you have NO idea if you interpret it the same way like the author.


Hey there, please send me the lyrics first. You can find my mail address in the profile. Hope it's okay for you that I'm not good at performing and that I won't record a final version with my vocals. I'm certainly a better composer / producer. I will start next week or the week after, cause I need a break. I'm looking forward to it!


Vocals recorded! Music coming soon.

Do you mind if I have a go at putting Ride That Bronco to music? I got an idea for it.


Dang, you are hyperproductive! Anyway, thanks for the kind words about Every Time I Think of You.

Thank you in return. Scott Walker is a major influence on me so no wonder it comes through. Both the pop side and the Avant garde. I am forever in debt to him.


Hoping to work on it today. 😀


"I can write anything
At the drop of a hat
May not be any good, but I can do it"

You sent me this as a comment, but it occurs to me it could be a great opening three lines for a little Brill Building style number, Geoff. You are writing lyrics even when you aren't writing lyrics.

Next three lines:
Just give me a subject
Some of this, bit of that
My lyrics will elevate your music

I did? It's so weird...when I edit and add you in, it won't save you as collaborator. Let me close out, refresh, and try again.

Hi, @geoff61 , Thanks so much for commenting on Bud I Did (with music.) I loved what Kate did with this lyric, and I'm glad you especially liked the Chorus.

Hi Geoff, thanks for your comment on my Lonely and Blue lyrics. I had fun writing that one!


Thanks, Geoff, for checking out "Second Time Around". Apparently, folks on your side of the pond like @cicpisces (and you) can write good country lyrics at the drop of a hat.

Hi, @geoff61, I'm glad you liked the flow of the lyrics on Memories are Everywhere. Thanks.

Hey Geoff!!! Thanks for stopping by my song. I see 50/90 doesn’t curtail your usual prolificness! Awesome to see

Hey Geoff!!! Thanks for stopping by my song. I see 50/90 doesn’t curtail your usual prolificness! Awesome to see


I have dreamt about taking a trip across the U.S. with my wife and, as part of the trip, stopping to visit (not to stay, just to see) people that I have collaborated with over the years. I never thought about doing that in the UK or continental Europe. But if we ever decide to visit England, I'll be sure to let you know, Geoff!

I changed the bridge

Thanks. I hadn't thought of it being sexist. Maybe I'll change that

Burnt is toast. Meaning to say, I dropped 'burnt.' Thanks


Thanks for the bump on Breaking Things, Geoff. Very slow 50/90 for me but it's probably because I'm so busy making our house a home that I'm not devoting enough time to lyric writing.


Thanks for the lyrics. I'll see what I can do. :)

I've done some work on it but life at home has been SCRAMBLY as we get ready for family vacation. I will try to finish it up today.


Quirky is good. 😀


Hey! We've been paired in the random collab. How do you want to do this? I'm up for pretty much anything. 😀

Geoff, Thanks for your comments on I Hate Love with Jeff9. He has also posted a version in a different style if you'd like to compare.

I see you have a whole lot of lyrics here I need to explore! You're very prolific!


Many thanks, Geoff, for checking out the collab with Patty.

Looks like you're on a pace to do a 90/90! Your productivity is impressive as hell.

BTW, your new song in the Muse song contest is breathtaking!


Hi Geoff, sorry for the delayed reply. Actually the “Cry a While and Then It’s Done” lyric is hitting me a little more at the moment than the “Goodnight Mumma”… perhaps I’ll have a go at the Cry a While if you don’t mind, once I get some free time to give it a look? I’ve got kind of an a cappella Celtic folk song feel in mind…

sounds cool to me Geoff. I'm excited to see what you come up with.

Hey Geoff, thanks for your message. I think we have very contrasting styles but I'd be happy to work together and see what happens for sure :O)

Thanks! Grad school is keeping me pretty busy, but I'm still hoping to get in a song or two.

Hey Geoff, hope you’re well

Would you be OK with me taking Goodnight Mumma for the Random Collab?


Positive comments from those I’ve shared our song with! They think it’s lovely. 🙂

Geoff, Thanks for the thumbs up on Bonnie & Clyde. The chorus was particularly fun to write, so I'm glad you liked it.


Thanks! That sounds perfect.


Thanks for checking out my lyrics. I appreciate it very much. Not sure if I should sit back and wait for collabs or seek them out. Do you have any advice for me?


Geoff- so incredibly honored by the comment you wrote on our song. To bring your beautiful lyric to life through music in a way that helps it resonate more deeply for you and others - this is the really GOOD stuff and what makes me truly LOVE being a musician and songwriter. ❤️ Thank you for the sweet collaboration!


Thanks for the comment on my first 50/90 song!

If you have lyrics you'd like to send me I'm good with that (I usually work lyrics-first). My own personal rule for lyrics is nothing I'd be embarrassed to sing in front of my 10 year old son.

Thanks Geoff, likewise you too! Struggling to keep up with your output at the moment 😂


Song posted :)


Thanks for the note about my website, Geoff. I actually did it a few years ago and haven't touched it, or barely, ever since. I should take a look. It's probably out of date...

ill take a rain check on perfect. im swamped for this month, but if nobody picks it up, i will take you up on a collab come august.

Geoff, thanks for reviewing the video - Casey Jones.

Thank you Geoff! Same to you—happy songwriting season!


Wising you a great 50/90, Geoff!