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Nick Worthington

He/him #punk singer/songwriter. I wrote 14 songs in February 2022 for my first FAWM and have been eager for this new challenge ever since.

I produce all of my demos using Garageband for iOS, using mostly MIDI instruments. I work with a musician/producer to play and record EPs and singles under the name "Worthington's Law."

We recorded two of my FAWM songs for a compilation album I released on July 1. I hope to get a full-length album’s worth of material from the 50/90!

My Favorites:
- Mr. Wild
- In Certain Company
- I Wanna Be an Ant
- Giant Otter Attack!
- I’m Not a Cow

Songs (27):

[avatar] I Stole Joey Ramone's Jacket by @funnypunkband #punk #ramones #clevelandrocks #longliverock 4
[avatar] I Don't Wanna Go to Space by @funnypunkband #punk 5
[avatar] Don't Read the Comments by @funnypunkband #punk 7
[avatar] Dogs are Terrible People by @funnypunkband #nsfw #punk 4
[avatar] Fuddy Duddy by @funnypunkband #punk 3
[avatar] What Should I Wear? by @funnypunkband #punk #dadcore 5
[avatar] The Game the Globetrotters Lost by @funnypunkband #weezer 3
[avatar] Smoke by @funnypunkband #punk 2
[avatar] Vacation Response (NSFW) by @funnypunkband #nsfw #punk 4
[avatar] Who Needs California? by @funnypunkband #punk 5
[avatar] Respect the Schweppes by @funnypunkband #hardcore #punk 4
[avatar] I'm Not a Cow by @funnypunkband #punk 8
[avatar] Take Me Back to the 20th Century by @funnypunkband #nsfw #punk 7
[avatar] Giant Otter Attack! by @funnypunkband #punk 6
[avatar] Too Stiff to Dance by @funnypunkband #nsfw #punk 5
[avatar] I Don't Watch Movies by @funnypunkband #nsfw #punk 4
[avatar] Maybe He Was a Martian by @funnypunkband #nsfw #punk #vonnegut 10
[avatar] Daytime Nightcap by @funnypunkband #nsfw #punk 6
[avatar] Posthumous by @funnypunkband #punk 8
[avatar] Just Some Men in the Frozen Aisle by @funnypunkband #punk #dadcore 8
[avatar] The Reef by @funnypunkband #movietitlechallenge #ska 3
[avatar] Everybody Ruins Everything by @funnypunkband #punk 5
[avatar] I Wanna Be An Ant by @funnypunkband #punk 6
[avatar] A Mountain Called Don't Go There by @funnypunkband #punk #history 7
[avatar] In Certain Company by @funnypunkband #punk #letsgetdeep #dadcore 10
[avatar] Things I'll Never Do by @funnypunkband #punk 5
[avatar] Mr. Wild by @funnypunkband #nsfw #punk #movietitlechallenge 8


That's cool! So you have nearly the same working process like me :D Yes, you wrote a lot of songs, so there might be enough material.


Thanks for stopping by and your uplifting comments. I'm happy that you enjoyed the progress on the "Quarterlife Blues". We haven't done yet, the final version will hit you even harder!

It's okay that you've been away and inactive for a while. Many are, and I was too. I stopped writing songs, cause I'm too busy mixing the last demos for this page. After this site closes, I'll be in production mode for MONTHS cause I want to finish all favourites from FAWM and 50/90 with a damn lot of people. I hope we get most done before February, but chances are low as we're talking about 20+ projects that will turn from a MIDI draft into a full band production.

What are your plans for your drafts? Will you rerecord some of them? YouTube? Bandcamp? Somewhere? I really enjoyed listening to your songs. I wish there were more punks. And rockers. And metalheads. And people who understand humour and sarcasm.


I am sooo with you on that, my man!


Thanks for your comment!


Thank you for your comments on Sunday Afternoon in the Rain!


Got it. I enjoy and (try to) write nearly all kinds of modern music. I won't say anything bad about powerchord riffage because its fun and complex in a different way. Just think about finding a memorable riff and playing it with the right sound! Powerchords are indistinct but you can make them sound minor, major or even modal by using a interesting melody. This is where my fun starts 😀
As for punk, the first band I listened to were The Clash. Then Ramones. So happy that it's not been Green Day, though these were pioneers for my gen. It's interesting to listen to different approach leading to the same ideology.


You're welcome. It's been a treat to write a punk rock song and writing down my uncensored thoughts. Last time i did in February, and I felt like I NEEDED that today. Thanks for making punk great again!


Thank you! Haha kudos go to the guy I ripped off. I come from complex melancholic music, and this challenge forced me to write something catchy. But I still couldn't help implementing key changes...


thx dude! the madlib comment made me cry a single tear of pride..so thanks for that! if you ever wanna do a track, hit me up. i got my start in punk bands back in the day and still love playin hard and fast whenever possible...i'll throw down some bass or something.


I do the same with other gear 😎 MIDI works pretty well for powerchords, but arpeggios and complex strumming patterns suck. I care a lot about having real guitars in my final recordings, which is why I started to learn guitar. Otherwise I have to ask for every little chord. Rock on bro, we're getting there 🤘🏻


You're welcome. I really like what you do as it's not the usual "I wanna get drunk" three chord music on 180 BPM. A part of me enjoys punk attitude, but unfortunately my vocal timbre cannot pull that off and my guitar playing needs time. Last FAWM I was so angry, that I didn't care and wrote a punk rock song, but it's not finished yet 😞


Hey! Thanks very much for commenting on "False Prophets", and for the inspiring challenge.


Thanks 😊 We will rerecord the song as collab, cause I'm still a beginner at playing instruments and singing. I just master mixing voodoo!


Thanks for your uplifting comment! People think you should have learned instruments as kid or teen, and when you passed 30 your fingers lack of dexterity. It made me angry! So I'm happy you enjoyed my song. It's all my acoustic cause I don't own an electric yet. I heavily processed the signal with my DAW to make it sound fuzzy.


I am digging what you are doing. :)