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Old guy trying to keep my music alive so it can live longer than me. Studied composition and played classical and acoustic guitar, electric bass and keys many years ago. Now I'm focusing on songwriting after re-igniting that spark about 10 years ago but not finishing much in that time. I also sing in a community choir. I want to keep the creativity going and produce as much as I can because it makes me feel like coming home. #senior #acoustic_guitar #folk #folk_pop #folk_rock #folky #choir_singer #indie_folk #singer_songwriter #lyrics #music

Songs (3):

[avatar] Let the Sun Shine Again by @frostyclimesmusic #lyrics_only 1
[avatar] Children of the Solstice by @frostyclimesmusic #instrumental #folky #pagan 6
[avatar] Don't Let it Slide by @frostyclimesmusic 6


Thanks for listening and commenting on my songs, and the follow!


Thanks for your nice comments on The Day of Your Return!


I can certainly relate to your profile statements! Our songs will be around long after we're gone, so it's a powerful incentive to make them as good as we can.


My lyric Jesse isn't about anyone I know, but I've known people that lost a lot from alcoholism.


Well! we can have an Old Guy Competition! Welcome aboard. There's even a couple older that me somewhere in the masses. Anyway, forget the old, get writing. Put everything up no matter what. Just keep going.