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The Farmyard Orchestra

No nonsense ecological feng shui barndance.

"Best thing since Bach. More or less."
The Redneck Review

"Music that makes you want to dance, make love and kill townspeople."
The Clodhopper Clarion

I will be even worse on giving comments this summer. On top of a somewhat autistic(?) personality I'm hosting small "bard evenings" almost every Friday. That also encroaches on the time I have available here. Are you passing by Malmö on a Friday night, let me know and I'll invite you in on a bard show!

Longing for words? See my other alias: @highmountain!

Songs (30):

[avatar] Counting Cousins by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Mighty Almond by @farmyardorchestra ZONG
[avatar] Farmer Fame by @farmyardorchestra ZONG
[avatar] Flamboyant Flax by @farmyardorchestra ZONG
[avatar] Pigsty Romance by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Turkey Turf by @farmyardorchestra ZONG
[avatar] Morning Mare by @farmyardorchestra ZONG
[avatar] Rhubarb Riddle by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Radish Riot by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Slow Hoe by @farmyardorchestra 2
[avatar] Growing Horns by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Grazing Grace by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Rabbit Resistance by @farmyardorchestra 2
[avatar] Summer Rain by @farmyardorchestra 2
[avatar] Maddening Milk by @farmyardorchestra 2
[avatar] County Fair by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Piglet Awakening (Man Eats Us) by @farmyardorchestra #movietitlechallenge 3
[avatar] Bovine Stroll by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Cool Carrot by @farmyardorchestra 2
[avatar] Donkey's Advice by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Proud Kill by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Ecological Breeding by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Ant Ante by @farmyardorchestra 2
[avatar] Turnip Turncoat by @farmyardorchestra #grief #love #betrayal 1
[avatar] Sun, Workingman by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Cauliflower Schooling by @farmyardorchestra #educational 1
[avatar] Butterfly Towering by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Rain Dance by @farmyardorchestra 1
[avatar] Mold Flower by @farmyardorchestra 3
[avatar] Cow Dung OD by @farmyardorchestra #firstfruits 4


No worries, it's all art anyway.


Hi there, thank you for your comment on Jack-in-the-box. Happy fawming!


Pank, eller duger det på fredag?