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50/90 2022:
Not sure whether there will be any songs this summer.
If songs do happen, they will probably be stupid.
You've been warned.

Songs (3):

Xmas quandary (where's my presents?) by @helenseviltwin + 2 others #punk #noisy #nonsense #short 2
[avatar] So cute by @expendablefriend #silly 15
[avatar] Mean and vicious by @expendablefriend 25




Hi Jacquie, hope we hear more from you this summer, it's been too long...


Stupid can be great art ... although perhaps art itself is stupid ... what you seek is what you are avoiding ... a journey of fifty songs starts with a single note ... but ... aphorisms are asinine, cleverness is not creativity, the sound of one hand clapping does not need any compression or reverb ...