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This is my first 50/90 just as FAWM 2022 was my first.

I have no idea or indeed no goal as to where I will get with the journey towards 50 songs. I will certainly spend time sitting in front of my keyboard and exercising the creative brain and see what comes out. I surprised myself before, I'm sure I will do so again.

At the moment all my tracks will be recorded free from computer/DAW, I have a Roland Juno Gi workstation/Synth which has a built in 8-track recorder (you can actually record 64 tracks for multiple takes, but can only play 8 tracks back at a time) , so tracks are recorded and when necessary bounced down to free up more tracks. It is a bit limiting, but also quite liberating. With some tweaking I can get some very satisfying sounds out of the Roland. No quantising available in the Roland, so the playing is all very natural....well, sometimes a bit wonky but it is all part of the charm :-)

27/07/2022 EDIT: I have now bought a laptop and have strayed into the somewhat complex world of DAW's and software instruments. I have completed a couple of 50/90 tracks already using the new process, but this is going to be a multi -year learning experience I think.


The Big O by @esc4p3 #foghorn #orchestral #classical 7
Times Are Changing by @esc4p3 #ambient #loops 4
The Lone Arranger by @esc4p3 #ambient #experimental #guitar 4
Surprising Symphony by @esc4p3 #orchestral #guitar #horns 5
The Tentative First Step by @esc4p3 4
Can't washout to Hesse it! by @dragondreams + @esc4p3 #bass #instrumental #drums #guitar 10
Non-identical Twin Part 2 by @esc4p3 #electronic #ambient 2
Non-identical Twin Part 1 by @esc4p3 #ambient #chill 2
The Joy by @esc4p3 #orchestral #synth #bells 3
Lift Off to Planet Bells by @esc4p3 #bells #electronic #experimental 5
In The Dark by @esc4p3 #atmospheric #electronic 8
Practice Deviation, Part 2 by @esc4p3 + @greengrassgirl #boogiewoogie #blues 4
Practice Deviation, Part 1 by @esc4p3 #orchestral #piano 3
Small Steps to Somewhere by @esc4p3 #instrumental #piano 3
The Quiet Time by @esc4p3 #piano #contemplative 8

Hi, @esc4p3 - I have a snippet to send you for the Kaiju Corpse. My email is nancycunningham1451@gmail.com if you want to send me a note and I'll respond.

Hi, Carl, thanks for your comments on Into The Well. I thought Florian did a great job conveying the desperation of that guy. And you're right...the sax made it!

Hi there! Thanks for all the nice words! The “Saying Hi” tune I posted on Surprise Symphony is your own piece, by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed. 😃 You sounded a bit unsure about the whole symphony thing, so I took your first four bars and added a bit more instrumentation, just to demonstrate on what a great track you are there. 😊 (Won’t reuse or build on this, of course - the piece is entirely yours.) Hop over to my place if you need some help, advice, or inspiration on the whole orchestra stuff. 😄

Hi, esc4p3,

Would you send me an email? I have a lyric to show you. I'm thinking something upbeat and joyful and maybe even synth-y. And yes, with those bells you like!
Click the envelope on my profile page.


Thanks for your comment on "Spacelock"! As it turns out (embarrassingly), it was pointing at the wrong file. If you want to hear some weird noises, it's fixed now.

absolutely not my style never done it before :-)

Hi,@esc4p3. Thanks for your comment on I Hate Love. No, the experience hasn't been mine, thank goodness, but I can certainly imagine it! That's the great thing--and the challenge--about writing lyrics. Trying to get what's in your head written down on the page. It's all-consuming!

Hey! You made it! 😀