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Alllooo! My name is @Errol! I'm lactose intolerant. I have a webcomic too.

I am working on a puzzle hunt, so I'm not going to be as visible. If you ever want someone to sing with you, I may be game though!


@DARCISTRUTT - "Wasn't he that odd guy that frightened my daughter..."

@GSLADE - 'we have no expectations of continuity or general quality.'

@LESLIE - 'I was tempted to click on the "report abuse" button'

@LAZYAFRO - 'lolwut'

@NICKDICKIES - 'First I thought "who would do that sort of thing?" then I saw it was Errol'

@ROBYNMACKENZIE - 'quit stalking me!'

@CHARLIECHENEY - "you're actually agreeing with @errol. I'm sure you'll be fine though, I think it wears off in a few washings."

@BENJAMINNOLAN - "Errol is a nucking futcase."

@ODDBOD - "frightening small children"

@DASBINKY - "errol is insane."

@BRZAN - "like a bad Halloween sequel!"

@CTS - "@errol brings the pain."

@HELENSEVILTWIN - "I come back to lock threads every time @errol posts"

@Ianuarius - "you're being an idiot"

@amyliarose - "I'd like to say I trust you ... but oh, the things I've heard about errol."

@capriciousangel - "As ever with your music, i don't know what to say"

@MOJO - "wrrrhrrrr eew!"

@stevenwesleyguiles - "Errol singlehandedly makes FAWM more stalk-y AND over-post-y at the same time."