Yön Kynnet

A Finnish special needs education class teacher who enjoys metal, mostly but not exclusively underground black and death metal, alongside some post-punk and neofolk. I wish I could sing but since I don't practice enough, I just growl.

I play guitar and do vocals in a dark and atmospheric black/death metal band Loputon Suo (https://loputonsuo.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/loputon.suo/) and also play guitar in a black metal band called Hollow Woods (https://hollowwoods.bandcamp.com/).

2022: This year I'm planning on doing something I've thought about for a long time: writing a concept album. I have the theme and some ideas written down and I'm pretty excited about it. I've often tried different styles during FAWM, and while the framework will be (for me unsurprisingly) black metal, I intend to incorporate lots of other elements there as well so I'll get some variety for myself. This project might mean that I sadly won't have time to collab, though.

Oh! We recorded and released our debut full-length with Hollow Woods last year, so if you're into raw sort of black metal, do check it out!
Also, Loputon Suo, which @hmorg also plays in, participated in this awesome cassette tape compilation featuring some of the finest filth of Finnish underground:


Cover for my concept album.

A logo for my this year's project.

Past years:

2015: 9/14
2016: 6/14
2017: 6/14
2018: 3/14
2019: 10/14
2020: 7/14
2021: 8/14