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Six Sick Thistles

Am I allowed to be annoyed at the fact that I am no longer to upload my own image for my account?

Account name "electrocelte" but current band name is "Six Sick Thistles" Please follow 6ST on all of the things!!

New dreams, new musical visions, no boundaries. #Bagpipes... and yes I am also the guy behind Supersonic Tartan Death Machine.

Tastes a wee bit like #Celtic, incorporates a metric f*ckton of #electronic sounds, guitar power chords, and a vocalist that just won't shut up... oh and did I mention #bagpipes

My mission: to take a sound that I have been working with for over year 30 years, namely #bagpipes, and bring it to a whole new level of COOL. If my love for this instrument can be imparted on even just a few people in this world, to me that is a success! I have been composing and arranging all kinds of music for bagpipes for many years... :)

I like traditional piping, but I also like to create things that are fresh. I also like to rock out, and create some great lyrical content. So I have my work cut out for me!

I have been FAWMing since 2014... it is a public service and I am more than glad to do it!!

Lastly, check out my brand new album, the very first by Six Sick Thistles. Much of it comes from my FAWM project of 2020.


PS: if anyone wants/needs #vocals or #lyrics for anything, I am up for collabs!! DISCLAIMER: seriously swamped with work, I will have to see what I can do to come up with to make new music for you guys. Maybe a few more songs about HAGGIS?