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Elaine DiMasi

FAWMer. Occasionally a 5/90. I play keys. If you hear guitars on a song posted here, and they sound good, you should go check out my collaborator!

Spent the 3 months post-FAWM22 setting up audio clips in FMOD, and carrying an mp3 recorder to odd places.

~ May your songs have many mothers and fathers ~


Happy Crashiversary, Sweetheart by @elainedimasi 15

Hey Elaine!


Hey, Crowden is finally up now on bandcamp and all the rest, phew! Now I can start the next one... Hope you're stylin' as usual here ...

Hey, thank you for all the comments post FAWM this year. I was a little distracted to be a regular commenter. Happy 50/90, I hope to hear you this summer 😎


About time you followed me. 😂

Hooray! I would love to be a potentially good-sounding collaborator on any of your songs. All the lucks to you!

Hi Elaine,

I'm not participating in this 50/90 nonsense, but best of luck if you're going to attempt it.