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Elaine DiMasi

FAWMer. Occasionally a 5/90. I play keys. If you hear guitars on a song posted here, and they sound good, you should go check out my collaborator!

Spent the 3 months post-FAWM22 setting up audio clips in FMOD, and carrying an mp3 recorder to odd places.

2023: Bandcamp probably.

Songs (5):

[avatar] Apples by @elainedimasi ZONG
[avatar] Mile High Window by @elainedimasi ZONG
[avatar] Sailcloth by @elainedimasi ZONG
[avatar] Asynchronous by @elainedimasi #nsfw #placemats 7
[avatar] Happy Crashiversary, Sweetheart by @elainedimasi 16


Crashiversary is such a cool made up word. Fun to think about whether it is an anniversary of the terrible end of a relationship or of an actual car wreck...The vibe reminds me of the Bangles and the B52s and of dancing around a crowded dance floor underground in the 90s. Great work.


And thanks from me, too, Elaine, for your very kind comments on Cranky. I fear that it was all too easy for me to inhabit the persona singing those lyrics of Patty's. Impressed that you picked up on that subtle aspect in the bridge where the blustery old fart lets a hint of wistfulness leak into his curmudgeonly rant.


Oh, my! I see you also commented on Cranky Old Men. Thank you! This song comes in handy when I find myself in "certain situations!" 😀 So glad you enjoyed it! I loved the way Jeff really got into it and especially that part in the Bridge. Thanks for listening!


Elaine, Thanks so much for your comments on the lyrics to I Hate Love! So nice to hear which lines particularly resonated with you. @Jeff9 did TWO versions of this that are posted now, if you want to see how they sound. 😀


Thx Elaine on you wonderful comment on He died In Nara. A sad story and Bill's vocal reflected that beautifully.
Cheers my fried.


Hey Elaine!


Hey, Crowden is finally up now on bandcamp and all the rest, phew! Now I can start the next one... Hope you're stylin' as usual here ...


Hey, thank you for all the comments post FAWM this year. I was a little distracted to be a regular commenter. Happy 50/90, I hope to hear you this summer 😎


About time you followed me. 😂


Hooray! I would love to be a potentially good-sounding collaborator on any of your songs. All the lucks to you!


Hi Elaine,

I'm not participating in this 50/90 nonsense, but best of luck if you're going to attempt it.