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Hi, I’m Deyla! she/her

This is my first 50/90. I’m from California. I am mostly a vocalist and a lyricist, just starting to dip my toes into recording. My equipment is currently my iPhone and an iPhone-friendly Shure MV88 microphone.

I’ve only written maybe a dozen full-length songs prior to this challenge, so I’m really excited to see what comes out of it. I’m writing this after posting my first two songs, both of which were my first songs written in minor keys.

Words and Melodies come to me fairly naturally once I figure out a chord progression/instrumental. Otherwise, I typically start with a melody and find the chords from there, so I’d love to collaborate with other writers who are more comfortable on their instruments.

Looking forward to meeting you all, hearing your creations and possibly working together!


[avatar] Fat and Pretty by @deylavey #needs_music 1
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[avatar] It's About Money by @deylavey #nsfw #acoustic #ukulele #singer_songwriter 7


Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments on When I Ahd it All!


PS..I can't play your songs..they don't load. So email me the mp3


Hi Deyla. Welcome.
We are paired for the random challenge. I am in Eastern Canada..so we are at bookends of the north America 4.5 hr time diff. My email is gkirby709@gmail.com.
Let's have some fun!