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5th FAWN this year. Not sure what I will do, but I am always writing something, so I am here again.
I have written over 200 lyrics and met some amazing people through this and 50/90. If you want to collab, just let me know!


Breaking News by @cola + @deannasweidel #news #collaboration #randomcollaborations 12
Just Send Me A Sign by @deannasweidel #needs_music 4
Threshold by @roddy + @deannasweidel #piano 7
Scarlet by @deannasweidel 4
Just Another Bad Decision by @deannasweidel #needs_music 3
Threshold by @deannasweidel #needs_music #lyrics 8

Hi Deanna...I hope you are well. I'd like to put some music to Just Send Me a Sign if that's okay? Cheers! Gwyn


Glad you liked the demo. for 'Threshold.' Having spent some time with the lyrics while I was working on the music I thought I'd say that I think that they are really, really good.


I've posted a demo for your 'Threshold' lyrics. Hope you like it


Hi, I was reading your lyrics for 'Threshold.' They are very good. I can add music for them if you'd like.


Email's probably best for me!
My address: [edit: can now be found on my profile :)]

Hey Deanna, great to see you around these parts! Thanks for the awesome feedback on Owls!


Sounds good!


Hey Deanna, we're paired together for the Random Collaboration challenge! How should we go about this? Would you like to start with the lyrics, or would you prefer that the music comes first?

Yes please! Lovely to see you here. Good luck and can't wait to see your lyrics :)

Hi Deanna! Have a lovely 5090!

Hey Deanna!