David is slowly getting back into songwriting after almost a decade. After slipping and hurting his shoulder, he was scared that he had lost his ability to play altogether. After (almost) nightly guitar playing for a month last January, he saw this as a sign to let that be a catalyst to let him write again.

Besides, it has been a long long while since I have been FAWMing. So...here we are. Last year was fun. Let’s do it again!

Curious as to the feedback I will receive. Thank you all so very much in advance!!

All the very best (always,)

David Kav

p.s. I am boycotting Spotify for a plethora of reasons. BUT - I do support TIDAL. Here is my page there if ya want:


Songs (44):

[avatar] Unexpected Gift by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Always There On The Other Side by @davidkav ZONG
[avatar] Hot Coals (Turn It Over) by @davidkav ZONG
[avatar] Extremely Grandiose Overkill (Fear) by @davidkav ZONG
[avatar] Loving Life Ever More by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Wanting To Say More (featuring and introducing MITSUKO) by @davidkav 1
[avatar] On This Drive (Middle Of The Winding Path) by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Amidst The Stormy Wave by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Getting Deep Into The Weeds by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Are We Really Sure About This? by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Maybe There's A Way by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Not Used To This by @davidkav 1
[avatar] The Struggle Is Real by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Keeping My Distance by @davidkav 1
[avatar] The Tower Falls by @davidkav 2
[avatar] The Spiral by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Washing Over Me by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Crawling Through Eggshells by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Wildly Enough; I'll Be Alright by @davidkav 2
[avatar] You Can Only Stay Overnight by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Gutted (You Still Wonder Why) by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Ponder This by @davidkav 3
[avatar] Stranger In This Town by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Step Right Through The Gate by @davidkav ZONG
[avatar] Contra Code by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Turn To Thrive by @davidkav 1
[avatar] The Light Over The Hill by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Looking For A Payout by @davidkav 2
[avatar] What's Within A Day? by @davidkav 1
[avatar] Cunning Shyster by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Constant And Mindful Watch by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Answer by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Scratching Around The Wound by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Mental Handstand by @davidkav 2
[avatar] Gingerly, I Step by @davidkav 2
[avatar] That's Not What I Meant by @davidkav 3
[avatar] Misled By The System by @davidkav 3
[avatar] Torn At The Timing Of It All by @davidkav 4
[avatar] The Space Deep Inside by @davidkav 3
[avatar] In The Thick Of It by @davidkav 3
[avatar] Everything Shines Forever by @davidkav 6
[avatar] Reckoning by @davidkav 3
[avatar] Overdue Highway Drive by @davidkav 3
[avatar] Stop The Shrinking by @davidkav 2


Hey! How's it going? Welcome back to you too! Looking forward to checking out your songs!


Hi David, you are very welcome. It was a pleasure to listen to and to comment on your beautiful song "Everything Shines Forever". Good luck with your songwriting. Have a great time.