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David G Harrington

Super busy this year so you won't get too much from me folks.


You Tube channel is The Weirdest Thing, I have been a member since 2017.

Band Spotify link:


A native Irishman who has lived in the Uk for 35 years.

Been doing this since I was 15 years old, love music like I love life.

I play all the instruments on the songs but am a bass player as my primary tool. The rest I muddle along with.

Not the greatest singer in the world and where I can I press my friend Mick Gardner to sing for me. Absolutely open to collaboration with vocalists s anyone who fancies singing one of my song please hit me with a message.

I live to collaborate, I can add arrangements to guitar or piano songs, play bass, write music for lyrics I find interesting and happy to
master recordings if you want to add some sparkle.


Ambience by @daveyboy103 3
Oblivion by @daveyboy103 5
For Guy by @daveyboy103 2
The Kraken by @daveyboy103 #classical 4
Roman Strings by @daveyboy103 #classical 3
No Idea At All by @daveyboy103 3
Nothing To Say by @daveyboy103 #instrumental #chill 2
I Run For Home by @daveyboy103 5
Rescue by @daveyboy103 + @cindyrella 6
Banshee (It Never Ends) by @daveyboy103 #banshee #supernatural #folklore #celtic 4
Nature is My Lifeline by @daveyboy103 + @cindyrella 7
What Good is Love? by @daveyboy103 + @sunfire 8
Blown Apart by @daveyboy103 #rocky #sad 7
Altered Sadness by @daveyboy103 #celtic #japan 4
Blue Impression by @daveyboy103 4
World in Flames (Better Vocal) by @daveyboy103 #pop_punk #dystopian 5
Whole New World by @daveyboy103 5
(The Future) is a Foreign Place by @daveyboy103 4
Revisited Love by @daveyboy103 6
But you'll be happy by @daveyboy103 3

Thanks. I would have wanted to be built like Linda Carter actually, but I thoughts it'd be a good song. :)

I had a dream you sent me an email about a song and I dreamed I could read it while still sleeping! :)

thank you, im getting to work on it now

Thank you! Would really love that!

Yes! Please do.

Hi Dave, I've just emailed you the final lyric (subject to vocal tweaks)

Thanks so much! If you see any other lyrics you like, go for it!:)

thank you for your comments..and even more for your music. are you up for a collab? ive got some lyrics that would sound much better with your music and voice than with mine.

Yeah! We can do a bardcore cover! :)

Thanks Dave! I originally had the synth set to harpsichord, so reading your comment made me smile! Glad you enjoyed our collab!


daveyboy! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the comment on The Most Amazing Eyes. I see you've been busy. I'll have to come back for a longer visit.

I feel your pain. I've been down with something that has seemed suspiciously like covid, but not showing up on lat flows. Feel like I'm on the mend now, but coughing like a motherfu*ker. Makes doing vocals tricky to say the least!

Sure! Can't wait to hear it!

Just sent you an email.

Yeah sure. My email georgiecooper77@gmail.com

Absolutely! Go for it. Would love to hear what you come up with.

I know you're busy! So I looked at your YT channel, and on "Someone Like You," which guy are you? Bandana or Black Shirt? I don't know if you play keyboard, but I guess that guy could be you, too. Looks like you're all having a good time, which is the whole point, right?