I've been Songsville and edwn here on FAWM and now I'm datsch

Different name, same through-composed, botany-focused, rhyme-free and multigenre stuff as before.

My FAWM 2022 album 'Crowden' is out now and it's about a copse and it's plant inhabitants as seen through the eyes of Cro. Each songtitle is simply 'Crow's Copse' but in a different language, going alphabetically from Arabic to Latin.

For 50/90 I will be doing another Cro album, this time about wild orchids which I have been finding on the chalk downlands this June ...

I was going to write a bot called yesno which AI listened to your songs and output as comment yes if it liked it and no if it didn't. Instead of programming all that I may just comment that way myself. 'yes's are very rare so don't fret if you got a 'no' .... :-)


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Thank you for the listen and the comment. That blue note was a mistake, but I liked it too. 😉
And I love the height comparison. 😀


Ha! So true. Art itself is stupid. Life would be much easier if I'd trained as a scientist.



I approve of Magna Carta!


Oh I saw that, congrats! Crowden is very cool. Yep, I won't be fast out of the gate but there's a few things trying to force themselves out from between my teeth this season :-)


So glad you're taking part this summer!
I really loved your Cro songs during FAWM and am looking forward to hearing more!