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I write songs. I was invited here. Thank you.

Update: we’ll, that was really fun! Glad to meet everyone and if I didn’t respond or reach out, please know that I really appreciated the experience and look forward to next year!

Songs (24):

[avatar] So much paint by @dakotavsky #guitar 2
[avatar] Trichophilus welckeri by @dakotavsky #slothcore #philosophical #one-take #asmr 1
[avatar] Adventures in Overthinking and Insomnia by @dakotavsky #guitar 3
[avatar] Mean Reversion by @dakotavsky #piano 2
[avatar] Real Talk by @dakotavsky #guitar 4
[avatar] [avatar] Little Red Tangerine by @dakotavsky + @elamis #guitar 2
[avatar] Past 42 by @dakotavsky #guitar 3
[avatar] [avatar] That Could Be It by @chris_buono + @dakotavsky #collaboration #lyrics_only #blindcollab 2
[avatar] [avatar] Searching by @dakotavsky + @chris_buono #experiment #philosophical #blindcollab #selfindulgent 8
[avatar] [avatar] And Then There Was You by @dakotavsky + @chris_buono #blindcollab #folk #guitar 4
[avatar] [avatar] And Then There Was You by @chris_buono + @dakotavsky #collaboration #acoustic_one_take #collab #acoustic_collab 1
[avatar] [avatar] Matte by @dakotavsky + @elamis #rock #guitar 2
[avatar] [avatar] The Brackish Canard by @dakotavsky + @elamis #context #whatistruth #guitar 3
[avatar] [avatar] A Greyish Bard by @dakotavsky + @elamis #guitar #short #cobaltandbeer 2
[avatar] State of the Union by @dakotavsky #rock #piano #improvisation 4
[avatar] The Front (Bob The Barker pt. II) by @dakotavsky #blues #piano #one_take #narrative 1
[avatar] Out to Sea by @dakotavsky #fishtank #piano #improv #meditative 5
[avatar] Earl Gray Argyle Sock by @dakotavsky #piano 7
[avatar] This Was Now by @dakotavsky #piano 4
[avatar] Bob The Barker by @dakotavsky #piano 5
[avatar] Paraphrased by @dakotavsky #piano 3
[avatar] No audio by @dakotavsky #piano 3
[avatar] Samsara by @dakotavsky #piano 3
[avatar] Ballad Of The Lost Shoes by @dakotavsky #piano 3


Thx mate yes i new i could get yours and resonuts but only about half the peoples songs are downloadable.


Cool what you did, man, with my "And Then There Was You" lyric as a one-take. Awesome fingerpicking (can't say enough about that rolling, thunderously-sweet sound of the strings). And the way you integrated my lyrics with the rise and fall of your voice, the breaks you inserted, the lulls, and the changing of tempo (especially in V5)? Classic! All has a Bob Dylan-like way about it. Here's to you for getting musical inspiration from my lyric.


Thanks for revisiting my page and listening to Come Back. We were experimenting with the Call and response technique and I'm glad you thought it worked. Thank you for commenting.


I'm glad you liked the Chorus on Broken.I thought David did a whopping job on that. I started to listen to your songs, and like some other folks, I also had no audio on the first three at the bottom. On further inspection, they showed :00 at both ends of the horizontal bar, so that suggests they didn't upload at all? I don't know. I was able to hear (and see) the others. I particularly enjoy your piano on This Was Now, and the appealing quirkiness of the title, "Earl Grey Argyle Sock."


i'm glad you're here breaking convention. let's keep breaking songs until they tell us all the secrets they hold


Kudos for the honing BEFORE the single-take! I'm in a situation where any honing gets done during the take, sigh. I came here to read the bio having listened to The Brackish Canard and wondering who/what/how. Don't worry about the commenting/social bit if it concerns you. This is a very quiet operation and there's no pressure anywhere, except within yourself. (FAWM proper is much more of a pressure cooker given the time limits, and the commenting becomes important not for any aggrandisement but just to keep everybody avalanching in the 28 days!)


Thank you so much for the compliments!
Butthole Surfers AND Monty Python!! 😀

I get the reclusive anti-social media thing; I'm the same way. This is really the only internet site I engage with, honestly. It's like no other place online; everyone is supportive and welcoming.

As for the prepared piano, I had no idea what I was doing - I just jammed a bunch of stuff between the strings and started banging away. All the prepared piano stuff is first-take improvs. So much fun to play around with!