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The Jelly Factory!

Here's to a great 50/90 experience. Have fun!
The new concept album is called:

Yeah, about those....


Can you change your Fate_A different version by @musicsongwriter + @cts #collaboration #orchestral #piano #stage 5
CAN YOU CHANGE YOUR FATE by @cts + @musicsongwriter #orchestral #piano #theater #thejellyfactory 11
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STRAWBERRY STARBURST by @cts #pop #experimental #letsgetdeep #prince 20
AIRTIGHT by @cts + 2 others #funk #hiphop #dance #thejellyfactory 23
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Thank you. Well No I am not really inspired by Sting. I come from the Swedish" visa "and punk genre the punkvisa usually longe in the area of people's darkness. Roger withaker, Tom waits, Leonard Cohen are also My motivation and inspiration especially TW.

I would greatly enjoy having you collaborate on Wine

I would greatly enjoy having you collaborate on Wine

Thank you for your always encouraging comments.

Thanks for the comparison on "Shy Girl" - it helps to know what others hear in your music, things we don't hear. But, yeah, I was working on EQing the guitar to fit it in the mix better, but let it go for now. And not sure what you mean about the fade - it is linear...

Wait don’t go!!!! I have snacks!


Hi Craig, I hope you still have time for a collaboration. I emailed some lyrics for you to review 😀

Craig but it's pure fact. I'm actually very fond of Prince's work. He was super amazing and You are super amazing and super talented. You have great style and I love your work which you modestly call jelly :)






yepper...no sweat.

Thanks for listening to „Call to a prayer“ and your wonderful comment!


Thank you, Craig! I am not sure if I want to record everything on my own someday, because it was never my plan. Right now I can't and don't want to. Writing new songs is pointless when nobody joins. So I decided to take a break and work off the pile. Have a lovely weekend 😀

Thank you so much, Craig. I've sent you the link. Please let me know of your thoughts.

Thank you so much, Craig. It is always the joy and the great honour to work with you. You have amazing vision for every lyric, music, atmosphere, detail... I can't express how grateful I'm to collaborate with you. Thank you so much!
I'm looking forward to receiving your amazing wav when you have the chance.
Have a great day!


Thank you, Craig! I guess you're one of the few who got the message behind the song 😊. I wish there were more people who help me with the stuff I cannot do instead of encouraging me doing things I don't enjoy. Voodoo is great to get a semi professional sound of a mediocre stem but it cannot solve all problems. I will not finish my songs without the mojo of others. I'm taking a break cause I'm upset and demotivated.


Hi, there! Let's collaborate! <3

Would love to help in any way I can.

Thanks for your comments on Electrify. Glad you like it.

Thanks so much for the valuable feedback, my friend! Much appreciated. :)

Craig, thank you so much for your awesome comments on “The Photo Whisperer.” Meant so much to me! We will find our thing to do together…


Sweet! I'll work on some lyrics soon 😀


Hi Craig, I was away last week, but am back and trying to catch up on lyrics and music. I see I missed some new songs from The Jelly Factory. After I put my groceries away, I am going to listen to all of them!! Would love to collab sometime this 50/90 if you have time :)

It’s awesome! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️


Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked it. :)

Thanks for the kind comments


Thanks dude - It's another one on the board if nothing else ha! Ermm not really I wrote it so quickly I didn't stop to think - looking at it, maybe something singer-songwriter like Carole King, or modern soul. But open to anything, I can do the words but have no musical talent beyond that lol so I trust other's process :)


Hey cts!! Thanks for your comments on red rocket ride! Really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. I agree with you the production is top-notch! Florian really knocked it out of the park! Was a lot of fun collaborating with him! Thanks again, KC

Try to stop me! 😀
I can't wait!

Chips….More chips…


Me? On stage? No way, I'm not a performer 😂 I enjoy studio voodoo!

thank you for your comments on love is a promise and many other efforts. to answer your question, i have had some opportunities, but have found it difficult to get along with the people who have the money and the power. . one thing i heard recently was, "we are not looking for talent, we are looking for compliance."

Thank you for your kind comment in the Lyrics to My son

Thanks for your comment, I feel age is becoming more a recurring theme to wisdom in my life. More the passing of time and the growth of my well-being, and a bit of time running away from me too. Hope you have a good 5090 !

Thanks for noticing "High School" and my sound search. I think I'm getting close. In fact, I may have found it in my last song "Willing and Longing." The last song is often my favorite song. :)

Message sent :)

Thank you so much, Craig. Will do right away. If you don't mind me saying so, your phrase " Nothing happening just yet. " is hugely outdated. Everything wonderful is happening on your page!!! I love your songs and collaborations. Every work is truly special and unique.

Hi Craig, thank you for your kind comment on a lonely flower on a road. I have done many collaborations with spoken word on 50/90 and fawm with rittmo (Richard Blum). I'm always open to suggestions and I'll be delighted if you were happy to collaborate with me. Please let me know if you would like me to send you wav file. I can upload it privately on Soundcloud for you to download. Thank you again.

Thanks so much for your appreciation of "Still Alive" (the birthday wishes) and the mention of "Art of Noise." I learn so much about other artists/albums here. So cool!

Thank you so much for your comment on "2023" 😀

I tried my best for that last high notes. It was soooo HARD for me to reach x)

Hi - I've been sick (not Covid but just a cold, apparently), but just saw the message. Let's set something up!


Thanks fir your uplifting words! Yes toyed around with bunch of effects to make my acoustic sound like this. I'llcheck out Bonnie!

yeah sure :)

A party you say? Drop me an email, I’m down. Will bring dips.


Absolutely! You got it my man!


A side note on Retro Color, the magnitude slider at the top is everything. I got the plug in right after 50/90 last year and was using everything full blast for the longest. But when I started running multiple instances and using combinations of effects and using the magnitude slider to just give it a splash of each it was like a whole new world!

Thx dude! The Mitch plug was at the beginning I paraphrased the bit about pinching the mic cable and letting a buncha jokes (rhymes) come out all at once

Even though I'm not confident I have the keyboard chops to hold up my end of the deal, @megamind peeps @gm7 , @djtjb , @nahlej381 @cts ....because you mentioned them, Craig...I kinda wanna do a Soulive-ish track...kinda in the vein of their song ED Hambone. Something to chew on for later?

Found ya. I gotta change my spam settings.

Found ya. I gotta change my spam settings.

Found ya. I gotta change my spam settings.

I didn't receive anything yet. I noticed 50/90 adds a "mailto" tag to the email address. I just changed it but just makes sure its not there and that my email starts with c. I wish there was direct messaging, it would make this alot easier lol.


Hey, I cheated by using my brand new metering plugin (Levels by Mastering the Mix) set to the "Spotify" levels preset. If I used the "Crazy Loud" preset everything was fine and dandy ;)
Unfortunately life is not leaving me much time for 50/90 but we'll see.


Yeah, sorry, busy day.
Will respond tomorrow morning! 😀

What ever it is I am down! My email should be attached to my bio. If you have any trouble with it let me know! Pretty friggin stoked you hit me up!



I hope the mix was alright. i'll master it before we release it fa sho lol i can't wait to get our record done, we've got a good start goin. i have an absolute blast jammin with yall.

About my DJ intro - was just having fun playing the DJ role (so many have suggested I be one - lol) and to put each track into context since this year I'm doing far more than just dance tracks. I think it was a fail. Nobody but you seemed to notice and you thought it was a promo. Yikes!

Thank you for all of your comments! ❤️

Thanks, Craig! I'll miss making music with y'all, but I'll still be around to do some listening. Have a great 50/90!


Thx for your comments on On the Rocks and the spelling edit. I was so far off auto correct couldn’t guess. Have a fab 5090

Yo Jelly Man...We gonna follow up on our conversation from March? Hope so...Yeeeoooowwwwzzzzaaaaa....

Thank you, Craig. 😎


Thanks for your comment on my lovely dish! I'm happy you enjoyed though it's just the opposite of your music 😂 Yes, it's me screaming after a long working day. But I am NOT happy with my clean vocals and synthetic guitars, and I probaly never will. I cannot do it better, so I hope somebody else can throw in some better ingredients into that bowl of soup.


Well then I'll tell ya....
The plugin is an old one called "Crazy Ivan" that was given to me recently on board a starship after I was abducted by aliens. It really is crazy; I'm still trying to get a handle on the chaos it makes from sounds (this was made on the "random" setting - any effect that has a "random' setting appeals to me). The original sound (before being entirely altered by Crazy Ivan) is the sound of Baka a cappella singing reversed, pitch-shifted, and slowed down.
There, now I've revealed some of my Fuzzy Sound Labs production secrets to you. I usually charge several thousand dollars for that kind of information, but for you, it's free of charge.

I can make no promises, but I really appreciate that you extend this invitation each and every year :)


Currently making tracks while eating Cape Cod Sea Salt and Vinegar Kettle Cooked Potato Chips™ btw ;)

I love your vocals, Craig! Your comment about my arrangement particularly made me smile because you're a musical wizard; so thank you!! Please--if there's any jelly I can partake it, let me know! I'll be there! Rock on...


Thanks, Craig, for your kind comment on 'Girl on the Train'.
I look forward to seeing what you get up to. 😊


Thanks so much for the listen and kind comment on My Perfect Friend!


Hey Jelly man! 50/90 times! Always good to see you, as always. Can't wait to cover myself in the Jelly this year! Write songs, we're all waiting for you brother! 😀


Oh man don't get me started on Colonel Wilma Deering lol! Yeah Erin Gray is fantastic! Appreciate the listens my man!

Peeeeer presssssure!!!! Ur job doesn’t deserve you! Let’s jam.

quit your stupid job...you don't even like it!!!! lol can't wait to jam, dude! MEGAMIND JELLY!!!!

COLLABORATIONS!!! So cool! Looking forward to every single one. I've recently uploaded one of our songs on Bandcamp. I love how it came out. "Only two of us can make a difference". Amazing jelly!

Thanks for the “Nasty Lies” love. Can’t wait to see what you do with that idea of yours…


Thanks, Craig, for your thoughtful comments. The pun was totally appreciated!

Thank you so much Craig for your beautiful comment on my first entry. I appreciate your support.

Jelly is in the house!!! Let the party begin….YEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWZZZAAAA!!!

Hey, Craig! Nice to see you here! Cheers!

aw thanks that's lovely :)

thanks Craig! Have a great 50/90. Woowoo


lol Oopsie! And thank you for stopping by. That was just kind of a quickie after the first one lol

Hey Mr Party!
I'm really hoping we get to spend time in the Jelly Factory kitchen together this time round!


I'm glad that zombie Hank Williams worked for you.
You've reminded me that I need to write more Hank Williams songs.
I look forward to hearing your idea!

Perfect season for Jelly....Happy Songwriting Craig!


Thanks for your kind words! Bring on the jelly!

I know there will be wonderfully delicious and maybe some perfectly decadent music from you and I’m looking forward to it!


I need some Jelly goodness! Can't wait to hear what you've got in store for 50/90!


Hi Craig, can't wait to hear what the Jelly Factory produces. Wishing you a fun 50/90!

I'm stocked up on chips - well, crisps - and I'm ready to go! Have a funky 5090, my friend...

Can’t wait to hear what comes out of the Jelly Factory!

Happy 50/90! Hope you are well and ready for some freaky freakin' fun! 😀


Oh yeah, here we go!!

I look forward to listening and commenting on The Jelly Factory collabs—stay groovy Craig!! Happy 5090

Hi Craig, looking forward to your amazing jelly.


clot, coagulate, congeal, gel, no wait... Jelly!


The jelly's back!


Hey Craig, good to see you too! I hope you have a great 50/90!

Hello! Your music is always a highlight of the FAWM / 5090 season - I'm so looking forward to hearing more of it!

aww yeah!


Welcome Craig ...time for some fun!!!!