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Cloud Color

UPDATE: I am unable to keep up with this challenge. I will be back for FAWM 2023.

I have about 18 years of music performance experience, most of which is on classical bassoon. Over the pandemic, I took a step back from bassoon and started my synth pop / dream pop project, a project I'd been wanting to begin for many years. I find it a lot more fun, less "stuffy" and a better outlet for my creativity.

Being a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter is all still pretty new to me. So far, I've only released one original song, "Running (From My Problems)": https://cloudcolor.bandcamp.com/track/running-from-my-problems

But, I have more music on the way! I am currently working on my first album! February 2022 was my first FAWM, and I completed that with 14 songs. Only 3 or 4 of them were to my liking though, so I am now taking on the 50/90 Challenge to hopefully finish out my album's track list.

Some of what I write is satirical, some is real. Often, my songs are melodramatic. I use music as a tool to communicate the things we are too afraid to talk about, whether they are too offbeat, too "cringe" or too dark. I hope in any case my songs connect with people on some level.

Pronouns: They/Them