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Chip Withrow

This is my 14th (!) 50/90. Except for the first one in 2009 (when I got sick and had to stop at 31), I've written 60+ songs each year.
I've also completed 15 FAWMs. I'm pretty sure that since my first FAWM in '08, I've written well over 1,000 songs by now. And I like most of them!


Two Frogs by @chipwithrow #frogs #ukulele #family 5
When You Dance by @chipwithrow #disco #instrumental #ukulele #skirmish 9
Writing This Story by @chipwithrow #blues #banjo 5
The Beach Photo Song by @chipwithrow #beach #ukulele #hope 4
Gonna Rise by @chipwithrow #inspirational #piano #soul 7
Thunder Moon by @chipwithrow #banjo #bluegrass #iloveshortsongs 6
Other People by @chipwithrow #philosophy #country #piano 12
Ice Cold Eyes by @chipwithrow #ukulele #skirmish 7
Doo Wop Duet (Uke and Tongue Drum) by @chipwithrow #unusual_instrument #instrumental #ukulele #oldtime 8
Just Mowing the Lawn by @chipwithrow #ukulele #nature #life 8
Blue Uke, Brown Uke by @chipwithrow #instrumental #ukulele #duet 6
You Can't Ruffle My Feathers No More by @chipwithrow #acoustic #blues #oldtime 7
Too Much Thinking by @chipwithrow #folk #harmonica 7
Ill Wind Blowing by @chipwithrow #minor_key #ukulele #skirmish 8
Banjo Practice 2 by @chipwithrow #instrumental #banjo #bluegrass 4
Banjo Practice 1 by @chipwithrow #instrumental #banjo #bluegrass 2
Make a Little Money, Hop Aboard a Train by @chipwithrow #bluegrass #country #train #banjo 13
Frog In the Birdhouse by @chipwithrow #blues #one_take #banjo 7
To Be an Egret by @chipwithrow #bird #acoustic #one_take #rockabilly 8
What Else Is a Ghost To Do? by @chipwithrow #ghost #acoustic #folk 8
Being Ahead by @srcoops + @chipwithrow #banjo #bluegrass 3
Tomato Man by @nancycunning + @chipwithrow #tomatoes #collaboration #firstfruits #first-fruits 10
Cry, Laugh, Cry Again by @chipwithrow #sad #oldtime #ukulele #one_take 8
Blue Ukulele by @chipwithrow #ukelele #blues #one_take 5

That'd be great Chip!

Thanks. I have been watching how to videos for days, and practicing that lick.

Perhaps you would find something you could work with in Morning Song

Thanks for the encouragement on “Chase Me” - I needed that!


Thank you Chip. A double pleasure to know, I brought joyful sounds into your relationship with your daughter!


Thanks Chip!


Thanks a lot for your kind words on "The Wind". I'm glad you enjoyed though I'd never (!) see myself as singer and guitarist. I love big arrangements! Let's see what happens with that song.


Thanks for the comments on 'Lonely City' - the sirens were intentional on this, but I remember living in Boston and hearing them all the time. I learned to sleep with a heavy down pillow over my head!

Hi Chip, thank you for your lovely comment on I'm Not Sick, I'm glad it changed your day, and I hope your family recover quickly and fully. Didi


Thanks for the comment on 'A Life of Unfulfilled Dreams'!

Hi Chip . I wondered if you'd be interested in my Blind Date? It does mention yoga :)

Thanks for the comment on Alone. And yeah, check out the show. You know, as long as hunting and watching people starve themselves doesn't bother you. :P


You are now a collaborator on Being Ahead :)

I love the music you added to The Tomato Man. I added it here: https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/346

thanks chip, yes, i nearly tagged it mental health but chickened out! glad the different meanings come across

Thanks so much for your comments on "No Name Song" - so appreciated!

Hey, Chip - interesting idea about having the I and You be the same in my Sick and Tired song. I was thinking of there being a literal second person who is getting dumped on in the first verse, then the singer begins to pull up a little and realize it's not just the other person...I think my life flows better if I don't always believe my own story lines...I would love to do some collaborating sometime over the 5090 if you're up for it.

To answer your question, the dead and co. show was great! Setlist was fantastic, & the playing had some great moments of adventurousness while still being really engaging. Bob Weir voice was a little rough (it was the last show of the tour and his watt 75?). Go look up the set list for dead and co at Citi Field July 16 and it’ll give you some idea. …

Sometimes a little giraffe song is needed to cheer me up. It seems to give listeners a jolly tune. PS. I am fond of your banjo and uke songs. I used a mandola for a song, next week maybe I will resurrect my banjo. I would like to use some guitar background like you do, but I do not have a guitar. So I am trying to make something on GarageBand to improvise. Might be a couple weeks, but on my to-do list.

Ayyyyy! Thx for the kind words, Ohio is home to a lot of my favorite bands, I also really love the ass ponys/wussy. I went to recording school in Chillicothe and have always felt at home in OH.

welcome back, great to see ya back here!

Hi Chip! A suggestion from a beginner banjo, as you're the ultimate FAWM banjo. Set up a banjo forum thread a la the #FUC. I feel, at my present state of play (! see IKEA!) not up to it, and besides, look what happened when I invented #FUC... You could always keyword it FAWM lovers/learners of Banjo--- #FLOB!


Hi there. Hope you have a good 50/90. I've got my ukuleles ready to go! Hope to hear some of your tunes soon.

Hey neighbor!