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Chariot Baldwin

10th year for me!! A decade of FAWMING - Wow!!

I wonder how many songs I would never have written if it hadn’t been for FAWM and its sister “50/90”? I’m certainly a better songwriter for it.

Case in point - a song I wrote several 5090's back is being released this July as an international single for a local Australian Country Music artist named Andy Penkow (Aust, UK and Nashville).

This happened because he saw rough first draft lyrics that I had written during 5090 (while at a different songwriting workshop) and fell in love with some of them. So all you budding lyricists out there, don't give up!!

With a few tweaks here and there, we made it a 50/50 co-write and voila!!!


I haven't done too well on the last 1-2 5090's with Covid and life restructuring stuff, so hopefully I can get my mojo back on for 2022.

PLEASE NOTE - My feedback will be on lyrics, rather than music. I'm profoundly deaf and it's getting harder each year for me to hear music. I can get away with instrumentals, but I can't spend 20-30 mins reviewing songs like I used to.

Secondly - am usually happy to do a co-write, but talk to me about it first and we then we can go nutz!

Songs (15):

[avatar] Let Go by @chariotbaldwin 2
[avatar] Jukebox in my Head - WIP by @chariotbaldwin 2
[avatar] Done with Tomorrow by @chariotbaldwin 1
[avatar] Hurt by @chariotbaldwin 1
[avatar] [avatar] Monster (What’s that?) by @chariotbaldwin + @daveyboy103 2
[avatar] I bought a new guitar again by @chariotbaldwin 3
[avatar] Too Damn Tired by @chariotbaldwin 1
[avatar] Magical Times by @chariotbaldwin ZONG
[avatar] Persistence and Insistence by @chariotbaldwin 1
[avatar] Vale by @chariotbaldwin ZONG
[avatar] Be Safe Out There by @chariotbaldwin ZONG
[avatar] Let Them Burn by @chariotbaldwin #rockhands ZONG
[avatar] Too Far Away by @chariotbaldwin ZONG
[avatar] Let the River Rise by @chariotbaldwin 2
[avatar] Blind Eye by @chariotbaldwin 4


Key of CMaj


Posted, hope you like it. These are the chords you want to rock it up.

|a) C| Am| Em| F G| Em| Am| Dm| Am G7|
|b) C| Am| Em| F G| Em| Am| Dm| Am G|
|a) F| G| C| Am|
|b) F| G| Em| F G|
|a) F| G| C| Am|
|b) F| G| Em| F G|
|b) C| Am| Em| F G| Em| Am| Dm| Am G|
|b) C| Am| Em| F G| Em| Am| Dm| Am G|




Monster won't be rock though. Too obvious


Thanks for your suggestion of a verse 2 on “Nasty Lies.” At the time, I had nothing else to say - lol - but that could change.