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Im joining my first 50/90 this year as I work on a larger, cohesive album project. Ive been doing FAWM for a few years now, and I love the creative freedom, the time pressures and the way i can experiment freely during February. However, I never seem to have a cohesive selection of songs by the end, so Im hoping 50/90 can allow me the focus time and drive to do that. I predominantly write/produce americana/country songs which are story led with catchy singable melodies. I record my released music in a professional studio with session musicians available on all streaming platforms, but will be smashing out demos on garageband this purpose!

One of the things i enjoy most about FAWM is the feedback. Please feel free to be critical and make suggestions on my songs - I'm 100% open to that! And it will really help me slim down the album selections as i write a load of songs before culling or selecting the final track list. On the flip side, I will also offer respectful feedback and possibly a suggestion or two on other people's songs I listen too.


At Midnight by @celineellis 9
A Broken Heart Never Lies by @celineellis #acoustic 10
Hurricane by @celineellis #power-pop #girl_with_guitar 9
Setting Sun by @celineellis #americana #country 8
Midday Sun by @celineellis #dirtroad #americana #country 9
A Little Bit Sober by @celineellis #americana #acoustic_rock 15

Thanks for the kind comment on "Only A Detour", Celine!! Much appreciated 😀 @nadine and I hope to work on an Evanescence-style song later this year. I'll be sure to share it with you!!

Hi Celine. Thanks for the comment on Blindside.


Thank you so much for listening to "A Brighter Tomorrow" and leaving such a nice comment. I appreciate it a ton. I'm going to continue moving forward and keep on loving every second of writing and performing music. I used to always get the "perfect" take and then never play my songs again. So this is a turning point for me.


Thanks for the kind words on "Sunlight Bouncing On The Window" and I agree, a longer version would be nice, too. That's one of the challenges of figuring out when to end an ambient song.

Celine, Thanks so much for your comments on Broken. It was a pleasure working with David....although "working" means handing him a lyric and letting him go crazy with wonderfulness. I want to listen to some more of your songs now.


Thanks for the kind words on “Clock Into Our Life”! Wish I could take credit for playing that pedal steel, but I just mined that from Band-In-a-Box’s software, so it’s some combination of a pro artist and an artificial intelligence matching up portions of his recorded licks and snippets to my composition.

Hey Celine! Drop me an email at pannewb @ gmail.com for the digital 4-track. Looking forward to it!

Hi Celine! Wow, great singing and tracks over on Spotify! 👍 Thanks for the _random_ 😅 review of Desert Winds https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/401 . (@)donna suggested some lyrics, but they don't really connect for me to this specific song. If you'd like to have a go at some lyrics and vocals, I'd appreciate! When I listen, I imagine something mysterious, maybe related to ancient ruins in the desert, or magic, but that's probably simply a consequence of the song's evolution from an Ed Sheeran / I See Fire idea. (Or, more likely, just my nerd brain. 🤦😅) My e-mail's hr.florian.hoffmann@gmail.com, in case you want to share or discuss something.

Hooray for collaboration! My email address is cleverly disguised in my profile, so please reach out if you've got some guitar space in a song. Not that you are needing it, but sometimes it's nice to get a different perspective and spice up the song.

Thank you so much for listening and for your comment on „In your glow“. I’m happy you liked the moodiness of it! I’ll listen to your songs when I’m on the train tomorrow morning. Dedicated listening time :)

Thank you for the very kind words for my ambient piece! If you feel the urge to write some spoken word or poetry parts for it I'd be more than happy to hear what you come up with 😄

Thank you for your kind words on my tune! 😊

Thank you for the kind words! Can't wait to hear more of your stuff.


There were definitely reverse sounds in "Things Change" and the ones you are probably referring to were reversed in Ableton. Throughout the song, some of the textural parts were reversed in real time using my Mood pedal. Thanks a bunch for listening to my song!

So glad you're here! This is my first time here after a successful FAWM gave me a great mental boost. I'm eager to hear your demos and will share as much constructive feedback as I'm able. I always welcome it on my end, too, as time permits. Take care and have fun!


You told me you wouldn't be here! I'm so happy!

And I'd be so up for some feedback. While I know I'm improving, I know there are ways to get better!