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Carley Baer

Singer/ songwriter/ student studying to become a music teacher. (she/her)

I'm a diehard FAWMer, and a casual 50/90er. A little voice in the back of my head says that I should write 5 songs a day for 10 days and finally cross this finish line, but we'll see.

- Guitar
- Tenor/concert ukuleles
- Bari uke
- Accordion
- Mandolin
- Ocarina (!!!)
- Clarinet
- Violin
- aux percussion
- harmonies up the wazoo
- MIDI everything

Songs (5):

[avatar] Briar and Bloom by @carleybaer #answersong #folk #girl_with_piano 11
[avatar] In Love In Summer by @carleybaer #fuc #train #baritone_ukulele #strings 10
[avatar] Maybe You Could Try Something New by @carleybaer #nsfw #acapella #harmonies #iloveshortsongs 16
[avatar] Apocalyptic Yacht Party (Running Low On Ice Again) by @carleybaer #orchestral #updated #loops #alt_rock 14
[avatar] That Dream Is Gone by @carleybaer 23


Thank you for the notice @harmony singers. I am looking forward to this challenge, and especially with this dream team.


we have been paired in the random challenge! i'd love to realize a phrase or concept you give to me as lyrics for you to then turn into a song. hit me up-- if you want to communicate in some other way, let me know.


Carley, would you send me an email? I'm interested in a possible collab. You can click the envelope icon on my profile page. Thanks. Patty


Carley, thanks so much for your perceptive comments on "Skin Brigade." (I don't know how you listened to it, though—everything was out of tune. I fixed that.) I'm not sure exactly what I was going for in the lyrics, but it was something close to what you heard there. A cri de coeur, I guess.


So glad to have you hear at 50/90! Don't worry about doing 50, but it's just great to be in the community, and you might get a few good pieces here.


Good to see you here! Have a great 50/90!