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burr settles

hi! i started FAWM and am stewarding 5090. science nerd and pop music junkie who grew up in the bluegrass, went to school in the tundra, and now i work in steeltown. i've been in bands in all of those places. he/him/yinz/y'all.

FAWM is my main gig at the moment so please support us! :)

in 2021, i used 5090 as an excuse to experiment with live improvisational modular synthesizer experiments. 🎛 🔈 〜 🎶

this year, i think i'm going to stick to a theme of "minimalist" composition: limiting myself to 6 instrument voices (the #sixparts challenge!): probably bass, melody, and 4 percussion parts. hoping these constraints will help me to learn more about what can be accomplished with so little.

Songs (9):

it's not meant to be [■■■■] by @burrsettles + 3 others #bass #vocals #cassette #lo_fi 10
[avatar] 0b001000 [quadrature] by @burrsettles #fawmtronica #instrumental #one_take #noise 2
[avatar] 0b000111 [drone B] by @burrsettles #fawmtronica #instrumental #ambient #one_take 3
[avatar] 0b000110 [drone A] by @burrsettles #fawmtronica #instrumental #ambient #one_take 3
[avatar] 0b000101 [mechanical] by @burrsettles #fawmtronica #instrumental #one_take #modular 2
[avatar] 0b000100 [sloth] by @burrsettles #slothcore #bass #instrumental #lo_fi 3
[avatar] 0b000011 [horns] by @burrsettles #instrumental #trumpet #motown #sixparts 2
[avatar] 0b000010 [synthwave] by @burrsettles #fawmtronica #electronic #instrumental #sixparts 4
[avatar] 0b000001 [pico] by @burrsettles #fawmtronica #electronic #instrumental #modular 8


Thanks for your comments on "Almost Done". A Mordor bassline indeed. I'm glad you took some time to listen to what we're all doing with the fine tool you've given us. Thanks for all your good work.


A goldmine of unique tones is the company AudioThing. I used "Reels" on the song you commented on, which is designed to emulate cheap tape recorders from either Japan, Italy, or France. They have a number of other plugins, which all seem cool. I might have a quarter to a third of their products.


Hey -- spotted that you've moved from your old gig -- if you're interested in a new gig in academia, let me know, 'cause we're hiring!


I tried to get into my old account but have had no success. I had an old email that may not be active ....so I cannot reset my pass word. Any advice? Igg


That is exactly what MEGA MIND is lol


ayyy thanks for your kind words on "Saturday Morning" again...i know you've heard it BUT....can't say how much appreciation i have for you and the fawm team and the community you've fostered...that collab was accomplished because a couple years ago my brother in law heard about FAWM in an abelton news letter and now here we are. thanks again for putting something on the internet that is awesome.


Thanks for your comment on my short track Children of the Solstice. Some virtual instruments are pretty amazing for sure.


I second @nahlej381 below! Thank you so very much!!! Happy Summer Songwriting Season, Burr!


ayyy just swingin by from Indiana to say i'm diggin the site. thanks to the team for the hard work and THANK YOU SO MUCH for adding multiple collaborators! GAME CHANGER. Love this community, it's 2nd to NONE.


Hey Burr - thanks for swinging by for a listen. It means a lot. Thank you also for your seemingly tireless efforts to make this community what it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Burr, the new site rewrite is amazing as always, I'm always impressed by the seeming simplicity in your solutions and your ability to focus on the essential in such elegant and streamlined ways. This feels very much like a tiny house that magically fits everyone to me. Thank you thank you thank you.


thank you for everything, always! <3


Congrats on the evolution of 50/90 - thanks for all of your hard work to get it running in time!


Thx for your work on the 5090 site your are one of the three wise men!


You, sir, are awesome. I hope your next three months go splendidly.

And the site does graphs now? Well, *that's* going to get used, for sure.