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The musical hobby project of Boston-area professor Bert Huang. I made a lot of music when I was younger, and I took a long break as I focused on my day job. But music is one of my greatest passions, so I did my first FAWM this year (2022). I'm here to hang out during 50/90 and to post nowhere near 50 songs.

FAWM 2022: My first FAWM was a wonderful experience with 18 songs each with demos. I worked on most of the tracks after FAWM and just released an album on bandcamp and soon to be everywhere you stream music. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/starbear1/feathers-shape-the-air

Check out my previous album of songs I wrote over a decade ago around college age. I re-recorded my favorites from that era to get myself back into making music this past summer. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/starbear1/retellings


Songs (3):

[avatar] Star Trek: Spinoff by @berty38 9
[avatar] [avatar] Insomnia by @berty38 + @jorh 5
GIMME15hank: A Historical Typo by @wolfkier + 13 others #gimme15 20


Wow, Bert, thanks for the overwhelming feedback on NCC-5090! 😊 Curiosity and hopefulness, that sums up the emotions I tried to convey very good! 😃


Thanks for the kind comments about my harmonies, Bert! I'm looking forward to checking out new Star Bear material this summer :) Happy Songwriting!


Hi Bert!! Happy 50/90!