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This is my new account (was @kenmattsson, but wanted to shake that up) First FAWM was 2020.

Goals for 2022 50/90:
* Have fun
* Do a lot of #collab work with others
* Get better at lyric writing
* Continue with my bardic strengths, and
* Continue to get out of my comfort zone

My EP "Breaking Through" came out in January 2022, and is available on Bandcamp at https://kenmattsson.bandcamp.com/releases. This is my first and a big step for me. Thanks for all the support! My hope is to come out with a full album in December 2022 of al the music I've written during the pandemic and FAWM and 50/90 adventures.

If you're hearing something that will really push me forward if I fix, tell me! It's probably that I'm still new enough to this whole process that I can't notice it myself.



Sloths at the Bazaar - The Slothy Remix by @beacon #slothcore 11
The Glance by @beacon #queer #skirmish #songskirmish #lqbtq 18
Fighting Inertia by @beacon 14
Dive Into the Pond by @beacon #acoustic #ukulele #skirmish #acoustic_one_take 19
Sloths at the Bazaar by @beacon #slothcore 18
Playtime by @beacon 16
Down to the Stream by @beacon + @cindyrella #acoustic #ukulele #acoustic_one_take 21
Just Breathe by @beacon #fuc #ukulele #firstfruits 28

Thanks a lot for listening and commenting on „Die Alte!“ :-)

Thanks for commenting on "Seven of Swords"! Yes, that section is still under construction. I guess it will let me know what it wants to be when it's ready!


Hey there! Thank you for listening to my song! ☺️

Howdy! I was just popping by to see what's going on here, but probably won't be participating. Too much going on IRL, and not enough time.

Having just come from a song about A.A. Milne's Piglet realising people ate pigs, I read your "Beacon" as Bacon 😉
Great to see you here Ken.

Ah, this is the newer one, I misremembered that it was all solid, but I did remember that it was more pricey! https://worldofukes.co.uk/baritone-bass-ukes/kala-ka-scac-b8-8-string-baritone-ukulele

My 8 string is one of these: https://www.southernukulelestore.co.uk/kala-ka-abp-8-ctg-8-string-baritone-ukulele-solid-cedar-top-gloss/
It's lovely but, unfortunately, now discontinued. I read that they replaced it with an all solid model which I'm sure is also lovely (but of course more pricey).

Ask wobbie for a demo of vital it's awesome. I would offer if I had a studio. :-)

I may have said this before, but an 8 string baritone ukulele is one of those things that I never realised I needed until I got one... I love it!


Thanks for the comment on 'A Life of Unfulfilled Dreams'! Pulling an old instrument out can be inspiring - sometimes!


Send u an email

Hi Ken!

Thank you for stopping on by. I've been unable to stop myself posting lyrics this year, despite a wealth of more pressing concerns, so I don't doubt there'll be something for you amid the output.

just sent you a message (text) regarding a crazy, maybe fun, musical idea? :)


Many thanks for your kind comments on "Honey You Already Are"!

Thanks for the comment on "How Long Must I Remain." Do not feel obligated, but if you want to give a go at a musical accompaniment then I would be honored. Something as simple as a phone recording of a rough demo would be appreciated, but, again, don't feel like I'm trying to pressure you. If you don't feel it then please don't spend energy on it you could use for other things.

No rush, I will just have time and if you have any specific stuff you fancy let me know.

Hi, @beacon. Thank you so much for your comments on When Love Ends. I was taken with @adambeiter's piano, too, and was delighted when he agreed to work with me on this. I thought he perfectly captured the mood I had in mind when writing it.

You're very kind about my guitalele efforts :). It took a few goes to get through that one... It's fun although it's going to take a bit of practice. In theory, I know what to do with the extra strings for most chords. In practice, not so much yet...

Glad you had a nice break! I have a few song I recorded before the move, yet to post, but I am moving on to lyrics only soon. If you fancy any I will have a few soon or i will write to order. J

Thanks for the comment! This uke sounds pretty zingy as is, so I'm not doing anything unusual here I don't think. It is being played though a B9 organ pedal, which I think gives rather a fun sound. Also I usually EQ out the lower frequencies, so that probably has an effect too.


Thank you for the kind words on "The Cabin", I really do appreciate it.

Thank you thank you thank you for your wonderful comment on “Everything Shines Forever.” So grateful for the feedback. You all are making me seriously think about using that song in place of my title track for my forthcoming EP. I have you all to thank for that.
I am egregiously behind on listening to music. I will do so soon. Thank you for your patience. Keep writing. You got this! And again, thank you!


Ken, thanks for your nice comments on The Day of Your Return. I'll come back tonight and give a listen to your songs!

Any certain theme for the challenge, lyric wise?

I'll definitely write something for the Harmony game later but for now I need to get mentally unstuck; content with your decision at this time!


Thanks Ken for the lovely comment on Agent Provocateur. That's the first time someone has commented on my production 😄 I truly appreciate it.

See You In The Shadows…

aw thanks ken

If you see any other lyrics you like ... :)

Thank you sooo much!

Good things are worth waiting for! Have a great vacation!!’

(What*, not wrong. Honestly, can't even write a coherent sentence, but call myself a songwriter. Tragic!)

Hey, thanks for commenting on my songs. I'm really pleased you like them. I agree, music is very healing, and that is wrong songwriting is all about for me. It's the cheapest therapy I can get 😂

Hope you have a great one!

Thanks so much for your very kind zong bust on "Come Over"! I remember you wrote some great material during FAWM this past year and your first song for 50/90 sounds amazing as well!

Thanks for your kind comments on my songs. Could you please edit your latest comment to remove my name? I'm want to only use my handle on this site. Thanks!


Hey Ken,

Thank you so much for the zong bust on "& An As". I needed to get something up, so old formulæ with new twists were my goto, & I like the result. Glad you got lost in its shadows & enjoyed the experiænce.

See You In The Shadows…

Sure! I would love that! And when you said that I can totally imagine it!


Thanks for the oh-so-kind comment on My Perfect Friend!

Thanks and if you have time, go for it!

thanks for your comment on 'The Past'! You're right about the picking instrument - it's not a Chinese Erhu, but a Japanese Koto


Thx ken.
I will touch base with Lynn..thx for doing that. You have her email?


Late to the party, but I think I brought enough snacks for everyone LOL Thanks for the welcome back, Ken. I look forward to some entertaining matches (& of course, your wonderful music as well!)

See You In The Shadows…


Welcome back, Ken! I'm looking forward to hear your fresh stuff. Good luck !

Hi, glad to see you too! :)

Thank you! I can assure you I know exactly what a "hot hemlock kiss" is... I would NEVER ever be so careless as to put a string of words into a song solely because they sounded good..... 😌😈


ok let me know when your free. In the mean time I could run a few things by Lynn if she is OK with that....if so ...just get her to send me an email. Thx
have a great holiday


Ken. We should set up a zoom call about our collab. Love for Lynn to be involved if she has time.

thanks Ken!

You're very kind, Ken, thank you. 😄
Let me assure you that "fully conceptualised" is doing some heavy lifting there. I'm making this up as I go along and starting to wonder whether I've bitten off more than I can chew! 😂
My "travellers" could end up eaten by a roving band of surrealists or grammarians at some point in the not too distant future and let me get back to some good old-fashioned funk! 😉

Happy 50/90!!

great to see you too! I am definitely down to collab

Wonderful to find your message this morning and looking forward to connections and collaborations and your amazing music!

I am going to sleep right now :-) hey how good was that dragon dreams piece!

Thanks for your comments on Different Sides Of perfect

Doubtful we'll see 100 this summer! Glad to see you here though!

Ha ha I wish! I am not in my camper for a few weeks! one more week here then 2 in Melbourne at daughters.

Thanks Ken! Welcome back to another round of song writing craziness 🤪

Mine are all lined up and played in, ready for the off! 😉

great to see ya here!

Hey Ken!! Happy Songwriting 😀

hello over here! have a great 50/90

Thanks. Nice to be back. Have you been busy since FAWM? Seems like I haven't had time to put my feet up for months..with family responsibilities. Stuff is settling now so I plan to enjoy the summer. Looking forward.

Hello Ken, hoster of wonderful parties! Glad you're here :)

Hi, Ken! Good to see you here!

Hey Ken - well my circumstances have changed, and I working on an album so here I am!!!


Hi Ken...let's have some musical fun

Hey Ken! Good to see you here, my friend. 😀

Ken, happy 50/90! Let's plan for a collab for sure!