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Pronouns: She/Her

Magical, Musical Songstress.....thank you for finding me here, I miss you. I seem to be lost, too many things to upset my applecart...and how are you? I am trying to return to center. Let's jump off the cliff together........I long to know you are out there in the ether. Joni Mitchell was at the Folk Festival...fierce creature.........and so are we.

Thank you Barbara for your kind comment on my story cube piece. I'm looking forward to hearing your magical songs.

Looking forward to your lovely and insightful music!

Hello luv.

Hi Barbara! I don't know how productive this'll be for me, hope it's good for you!

Hey Barbara!

Happy 50/90! Happy 50/90!!!

Happy 50/90! Iā€™m excited for a fresh blank page and summer vibes! šŸ˜€ Hoping to hear your songs this round, have a great one!