Joined Poitiers FR


Hey there !

I do FAWM in february since 2020. I just came here to listen, I don't think I'll try to write song this summer.

But I'm open to collaboration. I can play harmonica, guitar, ukulele and sing with a thick french accent.

Soundcloud playlist with my FAWM 2022 songs : https://soundcloud.com/ambroise-1/sets/fawm-2022


Oh, das freut mich sehr!
I am not sure at the moment .... I got a spoken word (maybe in French and Deutsch) thing on my mind but also it can be something with a bit of a groove ... I will try something in the next days and send it to you. Then we see what you wanna do with it ... add another instrument (I remember well you blues harp playing) or your vocals or what ever ...
But this will take some time ... if that's ok for you?
Wo hast Du so gut Deutsch gelernt?


Hy Ambroise! Just passing by? Glad you like my spooky tune - if you want to listen to the collab with BillWhite. He used this track as a background to a recitation of an extract of Shakespeares Hamlet. Really impressing!
As I see you haven‘t made a song - what a pitty!
But I wanna asked you for a collab? Are you interested? I have another spoken word tune in my mind …


Thanks a lot for your long comment on my last song!
To me it was also a very poetic name when a I read it in an article an fb-friend wrote. It was a short decision to combine it with the bass tracks I recorded even just because both - the name of the bat and the sound of the recording) reminded me of freedom, flying, stars and the sea ...


Hey! Nice to meet you here again!
Have fun 😊