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Amanda Rose Riley

My style tends to be sincere, often quirky, rock & pop influenced acoustic music. I'm somewhat open to other genres but mostly in the alternative rock/punk/pop or acoustic/folk vein. As far as influences go, I'm pretty obsessed with Frank Turner and acoustic/folk punk, and I love punk and hardcore although it's not what I do.

I have my usual list of half-baked ideas that I would like to make smaller, by finishing as many of them as I can, in the hope of releasing something good in the fall. But one goal for this year is to experiment a little more with rock and pop (virtual) instrumentation as opposed to writing acoustic all the time. I have done a bit of this, but I'd like to get a lot more comfortable, skilled, and efficient with it.

Pronouns: She/Her

Songs (14):

[avatar] Just What a Brother Should Be by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] My Best Friend by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] Birthday Twins by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] You're My Best Friend by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] Let's Sign Up to Us by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] Playing James by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] Grateful by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] As Long As I'm With You by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] The Greatest Miracle of My Life by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] I Had to Be the One by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] You Taught Me to Love Again by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] I'm in Love with You by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] Happy Birthday, My Love by @amandaroseriley ZONG
[avatar] As Long as I'm Alive by @amandaroseriley ZONG


Hi thank you for following :) wishing you a great summer!


Nods and I completely understand. That is a big step.


Good to see you her! I will be out of my studio for long periods this 50/90 so if you fancy some lyrics just ask! i will write something general or specific if you want! have a great 50/90


Hi Amanda, hope that you have a great 5090!