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I’m a singer-songwriter using guitars, keyboards and other instruments to craft distinctive dispatches from intimate interiors, vast exteriors and all points in between. Drawing on years of pop, soul, indie, folk and dance-music fandom, I try to turn observations and narratives into succinct sonic snapshots. Listen if you want at saintandkings dot bandcamp dot-com.

Original impetus for name: Admiration of the level of abstraction behind singer-songwriter Dallas Green‘s acoustic side project City and Colour (in that “Dallas” is a city and “green” is a colour).

Considered and (for now) rejected: Saint and King, Saints and Kings, Saint and Monarch, Saint and Strife *, Saint and Contention *, Saint and Home Rule *

Earliest musical memory: bouncing up and down on the bed to disco on the radio when I was supposed to be napping.

First LP purchased: Louis Clark & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Hooked on Classics.”

Pre-teen and early teen Sunday mornings: Spent tallying up several of Casey Kasem’s Billboard-based “American Top 40” lists song by song on a legal pad with a sharpened No. 2 pencil.

First instruments: An abortive week on flute and another couple of weeks on clarinet, as well as a year of piano lessons, in elementary school, a year in junior high school on the baritone bass clef (and a year in chorus, during which my voice dropped) and a year in high school jazz band playing upright bass.

Current instruments: a Korg SP-250 digital piano, a Gibson Epiphone PR-350 acoustic guitar, a broken M-Audio Keystation 49 USB keyboards, several harmonicas or vocals over regular old Apple iPhone headphones or an Audio-Technica USB microphone into GarageBand 10.4.5 on a gently aging MacBook Air.

Songs (53):

[avatar] Apply by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Mystery Of Trust by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Unsatisfied by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Laugh Track by @allaboutgeorge ZONG
[avatar] Fingerprints by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Jumpcut (Godard) by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Road Trip by @allaboutgeorge ZONG
[avatar] Get Somewhere by @allaboutgeorge ZONG
[avatar] Talking To The Walls by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Jumpscare by @allaboutgeorge ZONG
[avatar] Whistling Outside The Opera by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Impossible City by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Somewhere Listening by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Never Be Sure by @allaboutgeorge #singer_songwriter #full_production ZONG
[avatar] Spectacles by @allaboutgeorge #singer_songwriter #full_production ZONG
[avatar] Treat The Game As Real by @allaboutgeorge #lo_fi #singer_songwriter #full_production 1
[avatar] Please Confirm You're Human by @allaboutgeorge #full_production 1
[avatar] Bookish by @allaboutgeorge #full_production ZONG
[avatar] Heard Tell by @allaboutgeorge #singer_songwriter #loops #full_production #loop 2
[avatar] Re: Fuse by @allaboutgeorge #singer_songwriter #full_production 1
[avatar] Ghost/Beast by @allaboutgeorge #folk #singer_songwriter #indie_folk 2
[avatar] Authorities by @allaboutgeorge #rock #alternative #love_song #ballad 3
[avatar] No Room For Rumor by @allaboutgeorge #love_song 1
[avatar] South Of West by @allaboutgeorge #heavy #alt_rock #alternative_rock 2
[avatar] Little Town by @allaboutgeorge #pop #electropop #hip_hop 1
[avatar] Remake by @allaboutgeorge #singer_songwriter #sevenfour #full_production #odd_time_signature 1
[avatar] Seems As If by @allaboutgeorge #alternative #heavy #alternate_tuning #alt_rock 1
[avatar] Tow Truck by @allaboutgeorge #indie_pop #guitar #electropop 1
[avatar] [avatar] Melody by @mrrockford + @allaboutgeorge #melodic #electronic #collab 2
[avatar] You, You, You by @allaboutgeorge 3
[avatar] Chill by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Pyrocene by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Surface Tension by @allaboutgeorge #full_production 2
[avatar] Attention by @allaboutgeorge #love_song #full_production 1
[avatar] The Assassins by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Werewolf by @allaboutgeorge #slide #alt_rock #capo #werewolf 1
[avatar] I Want You by @allaboutgeorge #folk #singer_songwriter #indie_folk #love_song 1
[avatar] Backwards Heart by @allaboutgeorge 2
[avatar] Security Lights by @allaboutgeorge 2
[avatar] Truce Or False by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Cost Of Your Kindness by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] [avatar] Piece of peace by @cicpisces + @allaboutgeorge #needs_vocals #needs_collab #needs_music 3
[avatar] [avatar] So Low by @littlespiral + @allaboutgeorge 4
[avatar] Telescope by @allaboutgeorge #telescope #nasa #jwst #full_production 4
[avatar] Pretend It's A City by @allaboutgeorge #folk #singer_songwriter #guitar #indie_folk 9
[avatar] Sunrise by @allaboutgeorge #pop #indie_pop #guitar #full_production 2
[avatar] Affairs by @allaboutgeorge 2
[avatar] Unambiguous by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Duet Alone by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Through The Deep by @allaboutgeorge 1
[avatar] Treetop by @allaboutgeorge 2
[avatar] Color Your Killer by @allaboutgeorge 6
[avatar] Better Than This by @allaboutgeorge 8


Thank you .LOL. You have provided the most humorous , tastiest comment I have read. Wonderful. @nancycunning has a way with words.


I don't know what to tell you about "forefront or three", it was a placeholder that I failed to replace :-J

Thanks for the comments


Thanks for your kind comments on Table Talk.


Thanks for your comment on Reborn :) Your creative output is inspiring me to try and hit a higher tally this year! Cheers!