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I started My first FAWM Five years Ago. I Love it here and I Love you guys.
This year:
I hope to do a few songs but since I'm traveling july and part of august I dont really set any goals.
Probably first period Will be Lyrics only.
If you like to collab please message me but please dont be angry of I (after the challenge) use My Lyrics myself to.

Putting other Lyrics to music:
I like to collab most of all and as for putting Lyrics to music I like weird and dark experimental songs so feel free to ask me of you have any ideas. The weirder the better.



Those who do not see by @acousticmaddie #needs_vocals #needs_collab #folk #needs_music 6
Do not punch the bigoted face by @acousticmaddie #lgbti #needs_vocals #needs_music #pride 5
Choiceless Running by @spazsquatch + @acousticmaddie #rock #randomcollaborations #progressive_rock 7
I am tired of naked women (maybe NSFW) by @odilongreen + @acousticmaddie #internet #nsfw 14
I am tired of naked women by @acousticmaddie #needs_vocals #needs_collab #needs_music 10
You Got What It Takes by @billwhite51 + @acousticmaddie #minor-key #lyric-poetry #strength-in-spookiness 9
You got what it takes by @acousticmaddie #needs_vocals #needs_collab #needs_music 6
Whoever you might be (Isaks song) by @acousticmaddie #proud #pride 21

Thank you for listening. Enjoy your travels.


Yup - totally have heard/read those influences. A few times I think I saw comparisons of your work to Joe Strummer, too. It’s just that when you do go to the dark places, to me it doesn’t always come across as dark for the sake of just being dark. I get deeper meanings sometime. That’s what I dig about you.


You’re welcome, Maddie. I truly dig your work. I especially like your latest piece. Again, I don’t know if it’s intentional, but you write with a hint of Sting’s style of assessing society, life, etc.


Thank you Maddie! I hope we find a team to continue 😀

hi maddie. thank you for all your comments. it is always so good to hear from you. you have been doing some important writing these months. cant wait to hear your recordings later.

Thanks for your comments!


Hey thanks for commenting on my #letsgetdeep!

Thanks and I wish they would too

thank you for your many listens and comments. it is so good to hear from you. i am hoping you will soon be back in your home and posting songs. i always look forward to them, and they just keep getting better by the year.

thank you for listening

Here's the "I'm tired of naked women" collab track!

Thanks. You would be a great one to do my Grim Reaper song


Thanks a lot, Maddie! I enjoyed diving into darkness.

May I have a go at recording a demo of the “tired of naked women” song?

I am afraid to comment on your newest track for fear it will entice the trolls looking for hot nights and wet cats. Why do so many of them have wet cats or want wet cats. I just don’t get it but I totally agree with the sentiment and message of your song! Those unwanted messages are maddening!

Thank you so much Maddie. I had thought about the people of Ukraine. Such a tragedy what is happening to that beautiful country and their people.

Thanks. Bill picked up my ass song, but you can do it you still want.

You're here! Hurrah!


Hey, thanks for the encouraging words on our alternative version of "I Hate Love", Maddie. Amazing how @greengrassgirl can write things that can go in multiple directions.

Thank you for your lovely comment on I'm Not Sick Maddie, I'm glad you like it

thanks for your comment on love is a promise. it is a concept that has taken me many years to figure out.

Hey Maddie. 😄
Thank you so much for listening and your kind comment.

Hi, Maddie, Thanks for your compliments on When Love Ends. I thought Adam did a great job of matching the music to the lyrics. I really enjoy listening to the song.


Hey Maddie! Thanks for stopping by and taking a listen. Hope all is well.

so good to see you back maddie. and thanks for all your comments. looking forward to more lyrics and music from you.


Thank you for your kind words on my songs, I'm glad you enjoyed them!


Thank you!