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Pronouns; He/His/Him

This is my 14th FAWM. It's always wonderful and something I look forward to. It's the best part of Winter! (...the only good part of winter?) ;-)

I've been home-recording music for many years, with music that covers styles all over the map. I do a lot of instrumental music, since I don't write lyrics, so if you have an idea, let me know. I can't guarantee a collaboration will work out, but I usually do a lot of collaborating. I do collaborations as a co-writing project and consider them complete when I find the one that fits. I've had multiple versions of songs from various people, during FAWM, but the one that I end up posting is the official song, in my mind. I'm always finding amazing new people on FAWM!

I have used some MIDI keys the past few years, but most of the time, what you are hearing is me actually playing the instruments live, including drums, one track at a time. I write songs part by part and never quite know where they are headed, and very often get very deep in layers and atmospheres. I love painting with sound.

Check out my dad's (@srcoops) and younger brother's (@guatecoop) pages! @srcoops writes a ton of lyrics and we've collaborated on a lot of songs. He's very open to people using his lyrics, and had lots of collaborations last year, so let him know if you'd like to use them!! Also check out @kovbleu who was in Treading Bleu with my younger brother and me.

Oh, and I run this thing on FAWM called the 4-Track Challenge, where people mail cassettes to each other and add one track at a time. Sound fun? It is!! Let me know if you want in and check out the songs at @fourtracktape

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Have a happy and productive 50-90!
Have a great 50/90!
Camping in a tent is a fine idea. Let's see what the people in our street think of me: "oh, it's that time of the year..."
Have an awesome summer. Looking forward for your musical bonfires
Howdy ZeCoop,
Always good to see you back here.

Let's do this. Have yourself a great 5090.
Great to see you! I'm serious that I want to collab and be stretched way out of my bardic box.
The hour is nigh! Hope you're having a good start to summer, and Happy 50/90.
Dude, let's go!!!
Hello, hello! Let's record some tapes!