Pronouns: he/they. The gender binary is like Newtonian color theory: two scientifically unsound ideas that just won't go away.

At this point, I am more agender than male, but presenting as male is convenient and I just don't care enough to make a fuss about it.

In 2023 I did my last NaNoWriMo. If you're curious, look up why NaNoWriMo closed their forums in 2023. The stuff needs content-warnings.

In 2018, I did FAWM Squared. In 2024, I got a total of 461 tracks. Next I want to solo 1,000 songs in February.


Interested in doing a collaboration? Have I earwormed you enough you want to cover one of them? Feel free.

Pretty much all of my stuff is released Creative Commons Attribution, which is similar to Public Domain in nearly every aspect except that you need to credit me.

You can make derivatives. You can use traditional copyright on your stuff. You make all the money, etc. You _just_ need to credit me.

I'm also giving explicit permission to feel free to post without waiting for me to approve it. You already have permission.


After FAWM, how do you want to attribute me?

My bandname is "yam655".
My website is https://yam655.com
My legal (and anonymous) name is: Steven Black

I don't care how you attribute me, as long as you attribute me. When in doubt, "Steven Black (https://yam655.com/)" is always good.


I didn't end up modifying my infrastructure at all. This means my songs will (again) be somewhat bursty.

Going forward, I'm giving myself my first comment for all my songs. I'm also relaxing the "always provide a liner and lyrics" policies I used to have. Expect a lot of songs with none of either, though I will try to remember genre tags.

I've started working on a conlang, so some of my songs will be nonsense as I experiment with potential language sounds. (As all good conlangs must be easy to sing.)

The conlang is taking precedence right now, so I'm not sure how many songs I'll be posting.


(Comments first, lyrics-only) by @yam655 #commentsfirst #lyricsonly



Thank you for your comment on "Sixteen, Going On Seventeen," it was really insightful. Don't worry, I've got plenty of other ideas and songs that are going to be circulating in my brain mush. Yes, music is an escape for me, I feel no shame in that. An escape can also be an effective hobby-- the two can coexist!!

Music is a gateway to freedom. In my opinion, we live in a world much too bothered by those who create to simply create rather than achieve popularity. I write music because I can. I write music because it's communication, it's passion, it's empathy. It's happy, it's sad, it's angry. What a hell of a power!

I do not write soberly to put off my happiness. I write somberly in an effort to find said happiness through the power of creation.

Also, congratulations on hitting the 50!! Damn!
Congratulations on your win!! Outstanding.
Congrats on your win! 🏆
I promise there's a compliment in here. Thanks for your patience.

When I read that you're working on a conlang, I am reminded of the Riverworld series of science fiction novels, where all of humanity that ever lived is re-incarnated on the banks of a giant river in a humongous afterlife.


The good guys, Mark Twain among them, learn and teach Esperanto as a means of cutting across traditional language divides. Esperanto specifically is chosen for features that make it easy to learn: a compact set of root words and a fairly predictable sentence order (SVO).

I suspect you have different goals for your conlang. Zamenhof was all about evangelizing, uniting, and of course, hoping, with a strong whiff of idealistic arrogance. I doubt you care how many people use whatever you come up with; it's enough for you to think it's a cool project. Ease of use for anybody but you is going to take second place to whether the set of diphthongs is pleasant to your ears.

So, while I have considerable doubt that an afterlife will exist, even more mountainous doubt that it will be with everybody who ever lived, if I somehow by my 500 in 50 billion chance bump into you there, I hope I will get to hear you sing in your language in person.

Until then a #onetake of nonsense vowel sounds will do nicely. Have a great 50/90!
Howdy YAM,
Good to see you back here again.

Let's do this. Have yourself a great 5090.
In my opinion, if one doesn't identify as an Animist then one is not paying close enough attention to how things work.
Happy to see you here! So will you be hitting 1000 this 50/90?
I hope you have a terrific summer too! I'm intrigued by your conlang efforts (a word I was unfamiliar with but just looked up); it will be cool to hear what you come up with!
I absolutely love your vision and your approach to creativity!