Roger D. Linder






Been looking forward to FAWM for another 50/90. Hoping to see what new stuff is in me. Since the last 50/90 I've got a new guitar and bought a new keyboard. Inspiration awaits!

During 50/90 I ended up with 56 new songs (most just lyrics) so I'm hoping that this time around I'll actually put some music to any new lyrics I come up with.

My main songwriting focus was in the early to mid 70s, when I wrote about 50 songs in the years 1971-1976, then nothing until 2001, and in the years since 2001 until 2014, had written only three or four songs. However, I did rework and write an entire #rockopera in 2001. I've been busier in the last few years, so my total song credits are now over 200.

I completed FAWM in 2014, 2022 and 2023. 2022 resulted in 12 additional rock opera songs. Some 2023 songs might be a mini-rock opera. 2024 was a bit of a bust, with only six new songs.

You can explore many of my songs over the years in my lyrics database : http://rocemabra.com/lyrics.

I'm happy to represent the #sacramento area!



Looks like you are off to a good start! Have a happy and productive 50-90!