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Fawmer since 2012. Best online community I've found.

Last year I was finally diagnosed with autism (and my whole life suddenly made sense), then I started a psychology degree, followed a few weeks later by my mom being diagnosed with Alzheimers disease.

Between studying and looking after my mom, I don't have much time for other things.

I have around an hour a day to fit in a bit of arranging work I'm currently doing for an artist in Norway, and to work on my ongoing collaboration project with Dr Vanessa Sinclair, so I won't be doing FAWM in the same way I've done in previous years (and may not end up being able to get involved at all. No idea what each day will bring at the moment).

I may post up cut-ups and lyrics that I do in the spare half an hour I have when I get into bed, but likely won't be writing / posting any music. I don't expect people to comment on anything I do, as I won't be able to get involved in all of the listening and commenting this year.

If anyone wants to use any of the lyrics I post, go ahead. You don't need to ask permission, and I don't mind multiple versions / interpretations (I may even use some of them in my own songs if I ever have any free time in the future).

Hope you all have a great time.

Love on ya!



Currently - 60s pop (Gene Pitney, Motown, Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, all the stuff with wild arrangements and modulations).

Always - Ergo Phizmiz, James Hall, Jellyfish, Ravel, Tom Waits, William Burroughs, The Shangri-las, Simon Warner, STP, Sun Ra, Ren Harvieu, Tchaik, Sly Stone, Thelonious Monk, Susy Blue, Kurt Weill, Queen, Scott Walker, George Michael, Corinne Bailey Rae, St Vincent, JPEGMAFIA, ELO, Fiona Apple, The Bee Gees, John Coltrane, the avant garde, the dada, the funk, the jazz, the pop, the soul, the hip hop, loads more.

Literature, philosophy, psychology, cut-up technique, collage, old films.


2024 hey to Pete from David.... Hey.
Pete, you back yet?!?
Your music is always so intriguing and interesting!!