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i've done this every year since 2004.

looking forward to FAWM in 2024... feeling ambitious in multiple directions, but not sure if i'll find time for all the tasty side tracks...

cheers to all you FAWMers and listeners.

the list of previous FAWM years is getting cumbersome...

i hoped to maybe do 5 or 6 or 7 complete 14-song albums.
there is currently a very long forum discussion about the propriety of this.
i wanted to do an acappella album --- that should be easy.
but i only did one acappella song. and it wasn't easy. and it wasn't very good.
i wanted to do a whole album on KING LEAR.
but it would've taken me time, so i never even started.
i wanted to do a whole album related to black history month and langston hughes and alice walker and maya angelou.
but i wanted to read their books first, and i barely cracked them.

other than that, i did...
1. a first album of 14 random songs
2. a second album of 14 "feast" songs completed in 11 hours
3. a third album of 14 songs based on the short story "the egg"
4. 7 other songs + the 1 acappella song
5. 4 other collaborations

for a total of 54 songs --- a few pretty good ones, mostly okay.
i had a lot of time to put into the songs this year.

i may actually finish up that 4th album.
4 more songs are written, just needing to be recorded.


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