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hi! i started FAWM.

since 2022, i'm also stewarding 5090 (i also ran it 2008-09, then @ericdistad ran it 2010-2021, and it was some yahoo and/or usenet mailing list even earlier). thanks for being a part of this musical experiment...

some new (to me) gear i hope to learn better for 5090:
☐ yamaha pss-480
☐ roland sp-404
☐ zoom r4 multitrak

i've been manifesting a preference for 4-stringed instruments since starting bass lessons last summer. so expect more ukulele, bass, and tenor guitar+banjo. plus synths, drum machines, and hand percussion. 🎸 πŸͺ• 🎹 πŸŽ›οΈ πŸͺ‡

i'm a science nerd + pop music junkie who grew up in the bluegrass, went to school in the tundra, and now i live in steeltown. i've been in bands in all of those places. he/him/yinz/y'all. FAWM is my main gig at the moment so please support what we do! 😍 https://fawm.org/donate

i've never "won" a 5090 and don't expect to this year, either.

but write songs i will. especially these challenges:
☐ #4track
☐ #beepboxpingpong
☐ #casiocore
☐ #cassette
☐ #commentsfirst
☐ #postcard

#indie #pop #folk #rock #guitar #drums #modular #synth #4track #dawless


my savage careful farewell β€” #CommentsFeast 4 by @burr Mod #commentsfirst #4track #cassette
corpus (scientist) β€” #CommentsFeast 3 by @burr Mod #commentsfirst #4track #cassette
boyfriend for the skies β€” #CommentsFeast 2 by @burr Mod #commentsfirst #4track #cassette
through the spirits β€” #CommentsFeast 1 by @burr Mod #commentsfirst #4track #cassette


Where should I sen the new Metamorphosis lyric?
I see we've been paired in the postcard challenge. Do you want to email me your address and I'll reply with mine?
Do you like songs about quilting? That would be a complete metamorphosis. Oh and I see bluegrass in your history bio. Hmmm.
Hola good Burr (see what I did there.. like good sir? but I said Burr.. and it rhymes? yeah.. well.. anyway)

Am I imagining it or did you help with the early dev on what ended up being Duo Lingo? I seem to remember hearing about it first from something you posted way back in the way back whenever. Am I making stuff up? Am I close?

Anyway, I figured I'd ask now AI is such a common place tool for us all, and I figure with that machine learning background of yours, AI features are something you have been working with or at least adjacent to for years.

Interested in your opinion, if you have one, on AI mixing tools such as Mixea or newly embedded AI tools in music production in general. I am working on some articles about using AI to enhance productivity in the workplace. Have your read or authored anything about using AI to enhance artistic expression?

Anyway sir, good to "speak" with you every few years. Hope you're well.
Hey Burr, site looks fantastic,,,....almost like ...er...er fawm! thank you
Hi Burr, just a seed, but here's my start for the beepboxpingpong.
Have an awesome summer.
Howdy Burr,
Thanks again for all you do for us.

Let's do this. Have yourself a great 5090.
Looking forward to more of your #commentsfirst songs, Burr! 🎸